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Or not …

A friend of mine kindly requested that I discuss the notion of ‘holding hands’ – what does it mean?

It’s a big deal. Holding hands is almost more important than any other type of physical intimacy (within limits that is). 68 more words



Skin so soft, I hesitate to touch it sometimes with my age-worn own. My knuckles, a roughened ridge spanning the width of my hand. Yours, an innocent row of dimples where hand meets fingers. 83 more words


Worth Everything For

I wasn’t sure what I’d write about until I read this Bob Marley quote a few times.

Everyone wants things that are easy lately. People don’t want to work for what they have or want, they certainly don’t want to suffer for it. 87 more words


How we Fill the Void

He wasn’t addicted to cigarettes.  But before he’d draw one out of the pack he’d preface, either to himself or the crowd of quitters surrounding him: … 600 more words


By my side...

All my life I’ve lived by the theory rely on no-one, be independent, be the strong one and look after yourself, as you get older and time goes on you do let some people in but never completely, keeping that level of trust at arms length to protect yourself from getting hurt. 499 more words

hold me?

yes, as long as i walk this earth–thought her father.


Dotted faces

My face is still dotted with occasional acne. I still complain about the little things and sit like a cry baby. I still run around in streets during midnight and spin in circles while looking at stars. 32 more words

Little Blurbs