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One Mother's Lullaby

I reached my hand out

You took it

Without looking

And when I gazed down

At your sweet face

Your brown eyes twinkled

And you moved your eyebrows… 23 more words


It's Love

Sorry, guys. I’m taken ;)

#Jaram :P


Holding hands/Hålla handen

Everyone have the right to feel as safe as a kid holding the loving and protecting parents hands. Not just children but adults as well. 176 more words


Growing Up - The 5 Things I Miss Most Now My kids Are getting Older

Like every year when my kids birthdays roll around I find myself wallowing in nostalgia and asking myself, where has the time gone? As they turn 9 and 11 this week the scary reality is hitting, that although not quite teenagers they are definitely not my babies anymore. 783 more words

Family Life

May Day - of Ultron?

Today is May first. May Day in the Northern Hemisphere is often celebrated as a spring festival and later came to be a day to celebrate labor.   254 more words



Your hand doesn’t fit perfectly in mine
my hand’s slightly greater than ideal
and yours slightly less rugged and characterised
and in between, we have a pool of perspiration… 72 more words


Holding Hands

Not long ago I overheard several women in their thirties speaking about holding hands with their significant others in public. The general consensus was that it’s an  outdated custom. 173 more words