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I see your beautiful face

You are holding my hand tightly. I can feel that you have no intentions of letting it go.

We are running fast, making sure the… 397 more words


Obtain prior consent...

It’s a funny old world. In the States a couple fooling around on a public beach face a 15-year prison sentence each (see Here), and now America’s most prestigious legal body is considering changes to the Moral Penal Code that would make holding hands in public a criminal offence, unless the guy or girl obtained prior consent (In writing, in triplicate?). 152 more words


Holding hands/Hålla handen

Everyone have the right to feel as safe as a kid holding the loving and protecting parents hands. Not just children but adults as well. 175 more words


When Love Comes To Town...

Love comes to town, I’m gonna jump that train
When love comes to town, I’m gonna catch that flame

This is one of my favorite pictures I took while in Uganda… 379 more words

Holding hands, dancing and saying “I love you” is for everyone in love, not just the young.


Hold somebody's hand.

If you feel helpless, and think there’s nothing you can do for your friend/relative who is having a tough time, think again.