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Mothering Sunday

This is a photo of Mum and I on her 70th birthday. It sits on the windowsill in the front room. I often find myself looking at it. 196 more words

Holding Hands

It’s a special thing when you find that one person to love for a lifetime.  Never stop holding hands.


Getting Ambushed And Holding Hands With A Stunt Double / Actress

I did not get enough sleep last night because I went to bed too late but I did sleep well and I probably slept pretty deeply, but I had to get out of bed quickly to get ready for work so I did not have time to organize my memories of my dreams so now I barely remember part of maybe one dream from last night. 1,087 more words

Dream Journal

Unauthorized Biography 2 - Total opposites

Spending time with my maternal grandparents was a good thing for me. In spite of my non-eating stage and occasional trips to the hospital, they still loved and accepted me for who I was. 834 more words

Holding Hands

My hand...

-Tell me your story, he said while walking her home. I want to know what life took you through,  before it lead you to me… 41 more words


MYTHIC: Cover Reveal: MYTHIC Issue #3

The cover of the summer issue of Mythic is seriously atmospheric. Oh, and it has my name on it!

Source: MYTHIC: Cover Reveal: MYTHIC Issue #3


Holding hands part ten

Derek woke up the next morning around 7:00. Subday school started at 9:45. He was groggy at first. He slowly came to his sencess. He then remembered what lexi had said to him. 2,058 more words

Christian Romance