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Public Displays of Affection

It’s a

For us
to be

hands with
each other

I would
be terribly

To think
of him

That I was
now in love
with another

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Heave Ho - A game about holding on to your friends… literally 

By Neil Merrett

Heave Ho, released in 2019 on Nintendo Switch, developed by Le Cartel Studio

Heave-Ho is a multiplayer party title that can without warning, become something of a study in connection, bonding, rope swings and the thrill of hurling yourself into the unknown with friends and loved ones.

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காதல் கிறுக்கல் 💗 (straight from my diary)

🎶 காதல் காதல் காதலில் நெஞ்சம்
கண்ணாமூச்சி ஆடுதடா..
தேடும் கண்ணில் பட படவென்று
பட்டாம்பூச்சி ஓடுதடா.. 🎶

Dancing doll.. happy baby..

லவ்-னாலே ஹாப்பி தான். ஃபுல்லா ஜோஷா இருக்கு. கவின் and லாஸ்லியா லவ் ஸ்டோரிய பாத்து இப்டி ஹாப்பி ஆகிடுச்சு. 383 more words


tiny sparrow sings...

Light reaches forth across the land

As tiny sparrow sings

Of, will you take my hand

And a dozen other lovely things…


ellie894 October 1, 2019… 9 more words


Shall we??

Replay, relive;

Retell, believe.

Dance again,

Holding hands again,

Sing along

This story is ours

We shall write again

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Please, someone explain

I really need someone to explain something to me. Men…this may be for you.

Here’s the scenario:

Two people meet and go out on a date. 417 more words