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Cross-a-Street, Hold-a-Hand

Make plans to take your sweetheart for a walk and turn it into a game.

Every time you cross a street or path of any type, hold hands. 105 more words


Hold On Tight

“Right now, the person’s hand that you hold – The chance of meeting that person is like a miracle. Even when you go into the light, don’t let go of that hand.” 9 more words


Maybe Everything Is Okay When You've Got Someone To Hold Your Hand

when we first started dating i was swimming through stalactite caves of hell but he took my hand and told me he wouldn’t let go no matter how many caves i ducked into… 145 more words

I miss a lot of things

I drink a lot of coffee lately. Guess i try too hard to remember your smell that resemble from a cup of a black coffe. And surprise how much a cup of coffee brings a lot of you. 139 more words


My Brain Either Goes to Romance....

I can’t help it, when I think of a place, or an activity, my brain may go in a multitude of directions – to romance, where the heck can I hide, or is that a good place to bury a body. 294 more words

Fiola Faelan