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I am holding your hand and smiling
seeing your eyes shining up into mine… 140 more words


Coming soon: Holding Hands

Despite my flood of recent posts that have been very thinky and contemplative, I have been writing ;)

Or more accurately, revising! I had a story sitting and sitting and sitting and I just kept thinking “It’s too sweet, not sexy, no one will want it.” Then I gave it another read, and I was enchanted with it on that read as I’d been the various writes and reads before, and I thought, What the hell. 222 more words

Dreams and Red Robins

Hello Internet People…. I hope your having a good week.

I had a dream last night. This is usually not a “blog worthy” event except for the fact that I don’t recall having one in a long, long time. 168 more words



I have been starved of intimacy. Sure I have always had steady sex, but it’s been missing something. I had a small taste of intimacy with someone last weekend (a tinder hook up LOL) and it woke a part of me that I haven’t connected with in years. 82 more words




is about giving someone

your attention.

It’s looking at each other;

it’s holding hands —

it’s holding each other!

Two people,

sharing one breath, 6 more words


April 3rd, 2019

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Take My Hand

Day 55 of 365 Writing Prompts:

Holding Hands: The first time you held someone’s hand.

B.G. and I honestly have no excuse. Yesterday, we just spent all day watching movies. 729 more words

365 Creative Writing Challenge