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...a few thoughts on treasure...

“God gives us things to share. He doesn’t give us things to hold.”

~Mother Teresa

I love this quote by Mother Teresa:  “God gives us things to share. 1,148 more words


Single Review - The War On Drugs - Strangest Thing

Adam Granduciels’s group are a month away from releasing their fourth studio album A Deeper Understanding. Following on from the light psychedelia of their previous singles ‘Thinking of a Place’ and the Heartland sounds of ‘Holding On’, the group settle for subtle elements of both to module an easy listening, steady track. 84 more words



I had lunch with Sunshine yesterday. I meant to post something then, but I’d had a long week so I went to bed early.

I’ve read a lot about trauma over the last six and a half years. 210 more words


All about that look 

You know when you should know

That it’s about time you let go

When you look at someone

With that sparkle in your eyes

And realize that the person… 17 more words


Waltzing in the Graveyard

As I walked by her unmarked grave…

I had begun the same ritual.

To take up alms!

For a once lifetime of repent…

One  simplistic thought. 86 more words



-The inexplicable urge to push people away, even close friends who you really like.

This concept isn’t alien to me. I’ve been doing this ever since can remember, its not something i have to struggle with…it just happens, rather i make it happen. 334 more words


Depression Soundtrack | Sound the Bugle

Judge me if you want, but I think Bryan Adam’s work on the soundtrack for the Spirit movie was awesome. The obligatory “turning-point-for-the-protagonist” song from this soundtrack is titled “Sound the Bugle”. 153 more words