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8 days left. 

Holy shit, we are 8 days away from our due date and i cant wait!

Good news is this is almost over and i get to meet my little chipmunk, bad news is we recently lost her grandfather (on monday) and the baby daddy is going to be out of town this weekend for his wake and funeral. 262 more words


You're Still The Guy I'm Holding Onto

It started out so innocent. You were just a guy, and I was just girl. We seemed to click, there was a spark, and it was just plain easy with you. 524 more words

We held on for so long, only to figure out how much we’ve lost along the way.


Don't let it burst

Clearly I was mad

Very angry till I cried

I sealed my mouth tight

Trying hard to stay composed

Though I was burning inside.

Silently I prayed and wiped my tears… 33 more words



“You told me once that love was the only reason that you held on, remember?”

“Yes, but now it had become the reason to let go.”

19 more words




I hold on to you for the sake of life

a candle in the dark

that shines warm and bright.

And I veer desires for you… 79 more words


Keep This Under Your Hat

quiet place you hang your
home. Fold it over
twice and press the crease
against your unquiet
skin. Against your lips. Against… 88 more words

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