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It was a wave of uncertainty
flooding my thoughts and my
desires past the blue ink stains
littering the page in repetition
to a beat I’d only heard when I… 58 more words


Quote - strength

It doesn’t take a lot of strength to hang on, it takes a lot of strength to let go. – j.c. watts


more tests. more light.

Today we had another hearing test for Chiara at www.taralye.vic.edu.au. Taralye is the oral language centre for deaf children, and due to Chiara’s brain-injury and concerns around developing speech, we need to monitor via audiology and otology testing. 683 more words


Can We Talk?

Can we talk?

About how it’s been since Day 1

Staying up with you while you work

Just so you wouldn’t be alone

Man, those were the days… 299 more words



If I could graffiti the sides
of all the buildings on your
daily route, I’d paint only in
shades of gray so you’d
understand just how many… 73 more words



Lost in the midst of an
action, surrounded by
shreds of distance, masked
in the frayed remains of
absence – I can still hear
the light fluttering of your… 48 more words