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I'm Slowly Learning The Balance Between Letting Go And Holding On

Over the past few years I’ve been on what I call a “healing journey”. I’ve been searching for healing from my chronic autoimmune illness, from the effects of the drugs doctors treated me with, and from the excess problems that come from illnesses. 595 more words

I Won't Compete With A Ghost

I won’t compete with a ghost.

I see how your eyes drift when her name comes up in conversation, the seconds it takes to pull yourself back to the present. 541 more words

Wilted Rose


A small bud

hugging herself tightly

so sheltered and protected

waiting to bloom and blossom

to spread her crimson petals

so vibrant and captivating… 79 more words

Story unfold..

The pen is mine…

To have and to hold,

As I stare at the paper…

I let my story unfold.


The War On Drugs: A Deeper Understanding

It’s not often that we agree with the national critics, whose albums of the year are always works we never thought much of, while our favourites never feature in anyone else’s top 50 CDs. 256 more words

Pop Rock

The Sky Is A Wanderer

The sky is a wanderer in the sky
Not knowing how, when or why
Like a traveller moving on
Stopping now then going beyond
The edge of tomorrow… 14 more words