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Losing grip

Just when I thought I was about to quit,

I held on tight like a life guard against a wave.

Gasping for air while barely treading water, I’ve gone too far out and into the deep. 127 more words

Taking the Plunge

I often wondered what my cousin’s thoughts & feelings were before taking the plunge.

What level of hopelessness & despair must one feel to throw it all away? 30 more words

Holding On - Chapter 15

As with everything, life goes on and some people struggle and fall into some deep depths of desperation, Serena Campbell, now Griffin; a woman with much fight and poise had crumbled and struggled since the demise of her partner. 1,174 more words

Holding On


time splinters
as the cold grasp of painful debilitation descends.
it is an unending sorrow
burdened upon aching shoulders and a fractured heart.
labored breaths halt… 182 more words



It all comes down to patience,
a steady quality I do not have –
where time is only considered
a burden, and the silences are… 84 more words


Insight Six.

I had been dreaming of
softened shades of your
embrace, with the light of
the sun reflecting fluttering
tales of your eyelashes in a
steady count of our hearts; 34 more words


Reflections in Yellow.

It was an ease of transition, past
the yellowed hills of the horizon,
where the truths were scattered
like leaves in fall, briskly strewn
about in patterns undecipherable, 53 more words