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The Days of Spatula Licking are Almost Over

This week, I baked cookies because someone at work asked me to. I’m pretty easy. All you have to do is flatter me by telling me my cookies are the best you’ve ever had and I’ll bake for you too. 699 more words

Random Thoughts

It is not your birthday

She says it’s her birthday.
She decides she will
change her birth date from
the third to the first.
She claps her hands and
so it is done. 60 more words

Bad Times


A place which gives me
hope and strength
to continue
to be


Magic Carpet

Vocal air draughts hold me.
Safe and away from trouble
on my unfurled magic carpet.

How Things Work

Our Starter Home

> Our starter home. Nice and large, to start a family.
> A nice neighborhood. A pool in the back.
> Too bad the world is ashes. 117 more words


Daily Prompt: Unmoored

You let me wander,

And now I’m unmoored,

A paper boat adrift in the ocean.

Soon I’ll be soaked

And sink

Unless you change your mind… 13 more words


Time Ticks On Regardless

A mirror reflects the life we know.
Lately I have the feeling I want to go
through a door into that world
I see in the mirror. 77 more words