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Holding on

It is so hard to let go of ties,

That bind you from early childhood years.

So hard to let go of feelings,

That you have carried a while inside. 101 more words

Shedding with the seasonĀ 

As I pull out remaining weeds and dried out reminder of flowers and vegetables once blooming on my allotment I reflect on the play between holding on and letting go. 184 more words

we did it to ourselves

We live in prisons that we’ve created to keep us far apart from each other. To keep us yearning because for some sick twisted reason, the few and far between moments we collide in each other’s presence seemĀ then more meaningful than the constant soothing hum of each others beauty.


Lyrics Corner: "Holding On" by The Kings' Crew

Lyrical dexterity at it’s peak, The Kings’ Crew for you. Today we go through the lyrics of “Holding On” by The Kings’ Crew. Here we go…. 838 more words


You're the Railing

Lord, You’re the railing that we cling to,
Climbing up the steep stair steps of life.
Although we pretend to be surefooted,
You know how easily we fall. 554 more words

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Lost in the brown of your eyes

I could have loved the impossibility you became,

watching the subtle beauty of your inner soul… 57 more words


Seasonal Wanderer

We had taken a subtle walk,
watching the leaves die gently,
in the softest light of the trees,
feeling the wind kiss our backs
as we strolled on, counting the… 62 more words