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Let Go

There’re so many things
we carry ’round,
piling them up
’til we’re crashing down.
It’s too much weight
for one to bear,
but these aren’t things… 23 more words

Daily Prompts

Holding on

I still have her text messages on my phone. I got my first iPhone 2 months before her death so despite having 2 newer iPhones since, I have kept her message thread. 156 more words


Hold me and don't let go

Dear God,

Today is 2 years since Babe left. 2 long eventful years. I don’t know how I came this far. I don’t know how I made it through those days. 159 more words


Sentry Duty

The rain and the cold, my fatigues soaked straight through.
Hours and hours until daybreak, and another solder to relieve me.

My fingers shiver, my teeth chatter, I hold my rifle close, stare into the night. 249 more words


Hurry up and Wait

You told me repeatedly that you heard that and had to do that in your daily life.

So, now it’s my turn.

I hurried to turn around and expect you to just want to be with me again, and that’s not how this works. 289 more words


Before I give it away . . .

Woke up with this in my head . . .

Ride a rock horse . . .

Yeah  . . . that’s what I’m talkin’ about . 51 more words



I ache all over, places I didn’t even realise could hurt, like the palms of my hands.

My stomach is churning, digesting the next-to-nothing I had for dinner, the laxatives I took for pudding feel like a knife in my intestines. 307 more words