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"Closed Mind/Open Heart"

most of the time
if I think things through
I’d never follow through
that’s why I go
one step at a time
I understand
walking by faith… 9 more words


Inability to be Enough

Tonight I was looking through my Twitter, Facebook, Snap Chat, Instagram, pretty much anything social media related and just couldn’t get the idea of “who I have become” out of my head. 1,111 more words

Finding Myself

A Little Story About Letting Go...

A little story about letting go, accepting what is, and moving on: On Friday I couldn’t find my prescription glasses. I was baffled and miffed because this was my favorite pair which I keep in my car for driving! 235 more words


Day 3 - When the elder one tugged my heart

One fine day, I was 24 and had got married. And then I remembered myself again, when I was 26, but with two little kids…sigh, I don’t remember much of those two years and how I went on to become a mother and in such hurry too !! 470 more words


Carry On

Have you ever held a shaking body within your hands
Felt the pain of another
Placed their head against your chest
Rocked their thriving body against the tears… 61 more words


Mama's Flowers

When my grandmother passed away, peace lilies were sent to her sister’s home. Instantly I fell in love with them, but because I had no where to keep them, I didn’t bother to ask for them. 367 more words


Eeyore Days

Ok, it isn’t really that bad. But it is one of those days when I diagnosis myself with SAD at least fifty times…

Feel like a small monster is erupting inside of me… 386 more words