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I find it more than a little difficult

to let things go.

My apartment is strewn with bits of paper:

old cookie fortunes, bus passes, 103 more words


Scribblings 205 - Sand and rope

Sand and rope

I am trying to hold on to you
Like tying sand with a rope
You keep slipping out
through the knots
While leaving me in… 6 more words


Breaking point

I haven’t written anything for awhile and I think it’s because I did really know what to write about. I was lost and confused, I’m still lost and confused. 391 more words

Nights Like These...

Nights like these are hangovers from the past,

Bringing forth regrets and helplessness alike,

When all I could do is wait for the storm to pass, 170 more words

Still a Year Away - K. Robbins

Summer was over and she’s on the next flight back home. Her bright red dress, almost coming alive against the drab hues of the airport terminal, made her seem like a goddess in his eyes, but all he could do was watch as the line grew shorter and shorter. 425 more words

All Things Writing

I won't let go

You loved me too remember?
But I guess it’ll always be a mystery
That though we loved so
Together we just couldn’t be
Against the world… 88 more words



And hold on, even when the cracks show and the wood roughens, when the unwinding layers of an onion burns the eyes, when splinters catch the arm. 17 more words