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Week 1

One week down for the hubs no drinking super proud being hopeful. Trying to focus on everything happening and staying productive trying not to make it too big of a deal and put pressure on him but trying to show how big of a deal it is and how proud he should be.. 6 more words


Touch and Go

Little death, little death with her.
Life and death made one, it where.

Touch and go, touch and stay, touch.
Touch, to know you, consume as such. 54 more words


A Little Red

The darkness sometimes only becomes grey, a little red, a little ray,
before it falls back to pitch. Still, we still a little hope, a little warmth. 163 more words


6 AM

Originally published in March 2015

The real life love is under the mirror of the surface
So cut my cord I want to know how deep we can take it…
1,310 more words



Originally published in August 2014.

I try not to look at the pictures.

I try not to, but they’re there. I have four of them. 638 more words



Holding on, holding on,
When it’s so far gone.
Never know, never know,
If we’re doing this wrong.

But I never was quite all that strong, 52 more words



Bleached in the grains
of paper were the words
I could not write, the lone
verses lost between space
and a hardened emptiness
of emotions, where lurking… 48 more words