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Album Review: The War On Drugs - A Deeper Understanding

The War On Drugs

A Deeper Understanding (Atlantic)

An artist’s progression is measured in baby steps and giant leaps. As a career unfurls through the years, improvements can appear incrementally, each new release refining a winning formula with gratifying results, while hinting that there is even better to come. 1,015 more words

The Music World

Holding On

I have tried to hold on
Didn’t want to say goodbye
But the harder I tried
The more distant you became
Still can’t help but wonder why. 113 more words


When Life Gets Dark, Be Your Own Light

It’s hard isn’t it? Having to tell yourself all the time that everything will make sense one day. That all those sleepless nights of wondering what you have done to deserve the life you’re living right now and when will everything fall into place will end. 356 more words

Letting Go

Letting go is never easy but holding onto something that is not yours is worse. Guess that’s why they say: If you love something free it. 112 more words


I’m breathing 100%.

I’m drinking 90%.

I’m eating 80%.

I’m sleeping 70%.

I’m thinking 60%.

I’m alive. Last night I had three pounds of watermelon and an otter pop for dinner. 35 more words

Quiet Reflection

The Wise Self

I rarely write about the outside world. It’s my belief, erroneous at times I realise, that if I focus on my inner world the outside will be more skilfully dealt with. 336 more words

No One Knows

Indeed no one knows.

No one knows that I could barely breathe Nor do they know how much I could hold on. No one knows how close I am to falling apart. 111 more words