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Tell Me

tell me now or let me go

tell me everything i need to know

do i mean the sun and moon to you?

or am i just another fool? 55 more words

A Single Beautiful Thing

There was a man in my college photography class who taught us how to capture a beautiful shot from anywhere. “Zoom in,” he said, “It’s about focus.” When he propped his photo up on our critique board, I saw a shadowed arch, eye-catching in its imperfection flowing through a gray sea. 204 more words

The One Where She Will Be Loved

Ahoy hoy maties. ’tis the blessed weekend, and apparently my brain wouldn’t shut up. It decided to redefine ‘overdrive.’ So it just drove me batshit cray cray…yay! 569 more words


The Essentials of Early Sobriety

By Rose Lockinger

The choice to get sober can be the most frightening decision an alcoholic makes. There are so many unknowns and the fear of withdrawal is enough to keep many alcoholics in bondage long after they need to be. 76 more words


This Is Why You Shouldn't Give Up

There are days I just wanna give up.
Give up on work,
Give up on friends,
Give up on family and even give up on life! 265 more words