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Holding On & Letting Go

Deadlines knocking with their loud abrasive sound and begging to be remembered.The multiple inboxes with their growing number in the tiny red bubble. The text messages read but left unanswered. 863 more words

One More Heartbeat

My voice is gone
And I have only strength enough for one more heartbeat.
The tide has come in again
And my goals are so small that they defy even gravity, 17 more words


TOURIST - Holding On feat. Josef Salvat and Niia

All-star lineup.

All-star quality track.

Josef Salvat and Niia make quite the vocal pairing and TOURIST’s production is, well, impeccable.

gr8 trak.


Midst of Clamor

Jointly let’s stand in the midst of clamor,
Abate each other’s pains, wipe each other’s tears,
Clear the air with united understanding,
Keep the chains that cordially bind our hearts, 43 more words





Will I ever forget your name?

It resonates inside hidden

among others left the same

with a hint of hope or shame

but to speak aloud forbidden. 64 more words


“ holding on “~by Raj Babu Gandham

“ holding on “

hand in hand
we walked through life
we played along
in the parks and beaches
breathing winds, flown
across the oceans… 164 more words



When To ,
Till Where To,
Why To..

Hold On To, Has To Be Practiced.

Chennai Boy