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Happy Thanksgiving 2015

On Wednesday I volunteered to deliver the meal that the PTO had collected to a needy family who has actual children at our school.  I didn’t realize that there were poor people in our school district.   399 more words


365 Days of Photos -Day 326

Yesterday was the crazy “holiday” in the United States called Black Friday. It is a day that I believe is totally out of control. I have never participated in the craziness of shopping at 5:00AM, knocking people over just to get a few bucks off the newest and biggest toy. 47 more words

26. life's mysteries.

Christmas lights sit in the attic for 11 months of the year, completely undisturbed. So how is it that half of the strands I need to light our house managed to not be working when I pulled them out today?


23. i'm talking to you.

If you and I have:

  • Had a beer
  • Watched a game
  • Attended a tailgate party
  • Cooked for each other
  • Gone to a yoga class
  • Gone out for dinner…
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December 2015 San Diego Calendar of Events!

Old Fashioned Christmas   Through Dec. 23
Trees shipped from Washington with the snow on its branches, free garland, jams and preservatives in our gourmet kitchen, tractor pulled hayrides, free parking and admission, and more! 1,291 more words


TBT Throw Back Thanksgiving

I will update everyone on our Thanksgiving festivities tomorrow.  Today I just want to enjoy a quiet day with my family and friends.

By the way, I decided I would go with the tactic of pretending I didn’t know that I was supposed to cook and act as if we were expected at my mother-in-law’s.   57 more words

Holiday Fun