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Rankin/Bass Month Introduction

Hey guys!  I just wanted to announce my Christmas series I am doing for my blog.  Last year I did Scrooge Month where I reviewed 35 different versions of Christmas Carol.  312 more words

Stop Motion

Hallelujah! Where's the BB gun?

It appears that sometime between the last time I participated in Holidailies and now, they changed the format a bit. Instead of a daily question, you can get a prompt from a random prompt generator on the site.  270 more words


Love the Coopers

Last week, Jay and Sean got to see The Night Before, Seth Rogen’s tale of Christmas debauchery. That I wound up seeing the latest holiday offering from the producer of The Family Stone instead wasn’t- as you might think- because I drew the short straw at the Assholes Christmas… 614 more words


My Christmas Movie List

Well ladies and gents, it’s December 1st!  I don’t know how many of you watched the 50th anniversary special for A Charlie Brown Christmas, but I thought the behind the scenes take on it was pretty cool.   311 more words


Superstore & More

After a long holiday weekend, I’m still in a food coma and ready for a break this week from the rich stuff. (Before I get into proper cookie baking, of course.)  ‘Tis the season for breaking up the programming a bit across all channels, so the next few weeks should be an interesting mix.  223 more words


10 Worst Holiday Movies

Now that we are officially past Thanksgiving, we can get into holiday lights, movies, decorations… things we love and things we HATE. We have a list of the “worst” holiday movies — I feel like people LOVE some of these… that’s why I don’t listen to criticis (although they did seem to take bad ratings into account). 106 more words


White Raven

We have a tendency in the horror community to rhapsodize about particular epochs, what Pynchon called a “temporal homesickness for the decade we were born in.” It’s usually the 80s, as tastes are chiseled from the stone of youth. 421 more words

New Horror Films