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On Second Thought: “Entrapment”

The holidays are a busy time. So busy in fact, that even finding a good holiday themed film can become a chore. Not helping in this endeavor, the lack of good holiday film’s to choose from. 1,234 more words


Happy New Year!

This blog will take a break to celebrate the new year!

However, in recognition of the many new year’s movies worth watching, here are some awesome videos! 58 more words


The Grand Holiday Revue (Part Three)

And now, in the final part of this year’s grand holiday film revue, here are two more movies that come under the heading of Christmas flicks. 544 more words


Passengers (Full Review)

1 + 1 = 2. Simple math. But movies don’t work that way. One great actor, plus another great actor, plus an intriguing concept should equate to a good movie. 528 more words

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16 Facts of Hallmark Christmas Movies

The girls of TwentyA have never cared much for tradition but somehow we’ve gotten sucked into the perfect world of Hallmark Christmas movies. Truth be told, it’s all we’ve watched the past couple weeks and boy have we learned a lot. 437 more words


SportsBard Weekly

It’s finally here, what did you miss? Not too much as I have been slacking off a little with the holidays and all. I’m working on a bunch of Fantasy Football stuff, which should be out in a day or so. 94 more words


My Christmas Love

Uh oh: two minutes in and this Christmas movie is already a Christmas breakup movie. She calls her “employee” (a guy who serves as a hunk on the Hallmark channel, I take it), who ditches his guy friends to console his heartbroken boss in her house on her bed on Christmas Eve. 243 more words