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Truly, Madly, Greekly by Mandy Baggot

I started this on a grey, windy Scottish afternoon hoping to feel a bit summery. This book made me imagine I could be admiring the beautiful Greek scenery and feeling the warmth of the sun. 459 more words


Me ma’s cousin Connie  went away with her pal Maeve on a Mediterranean cruise for a month. She came home last weekend and told ma she met a fella and they’re getting married. 956 more words


Holiday Cruise, by Erzabet Bishop

Grade: C+

Doing it at: This all depends on what path you choose!

Catnip: Holiday Romance; Sexy Santa; Light Bondage; Girl on Girl; I’m on a Boat… 839 more words

Light Bondage

Black Cats Aren’t Just for Halloween by Mae Clair

Back in March, I was tagged by C. S. Boyack to share some info on my current WIP. First—thank you, Craig!—this is a fun tag and I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to respond. 530 more words

Mae Clair


My love she lies in amber,
preserved perfect for all time.
From mortar of golden summer memory
I built an awe-inspiring amber shrine.

Yet my love, they’re lies in amber. 129 more words


Meet X (XX)

Here I am, day 2 of blogging, lost at sea. I’ve spent the day mentally planning a blog about something which happened yesterday evening, but as I sit down to write I realise it just doesn’t makes sense without first introducing you to X. 746 more words

Whaddaya Know, It's Christmas in April - A Touch of Mistletoe from LT3 Press

Title: A Touch Of Mistletoe

Author: Anthology

Publisher: Less Than Three Press

Pages/Word Count: 182 Pages

At a Glance: An enjoyable mix of stories that had me visiting all ranges of the emotional spectrum. 1,096 more words

LGBT Romance