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From the stocking to the floor

What is the purpose of a Christmas gift?

I think of this when I pick out a gift for a loved one: this represents the gifts that the Three Wise Men gave to Mary and Joseph after the birth of Jesus. 488 more words

Holiday Savings

How to Tell Your Family They're Worth $15.62

In Christmases past, I’ve given my extended family a head’s up that I’m on a budget and they should lower their output on gifts for my family, but that doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. 679 more words

Holiday Savings

Auld Navy

Back when I could buy all manner of clothing for my daughter at $5 a pop, when she was in the T sizes, I went to Old Navy often. 461 more words

Holiday Savings

5-step guide to saving money during the holidays

I know, I know, you’re probably wondering, why shouldn’t I just splurge on all the things I’ve been wanting? Absolutely yes! You can but I’m an avid believer in the bigger picture. 415 more words


The First Five

I spent the weekend in Pittsburgh with my long distance life partner, and we went thrift store shopping. I was on the hunt for books I could give my kids, and I found the best in the first place we went to. 134 more words

Holiday Savings

How You Doin'?

Just FYI, I’ve discovered that the best thing to do while running on a treadmill is to watch “Friends” without sound. It burns more calories to read the subtitles in a Joey voice, and lines like “half the taste is in the smell” (re: meatball subs) are still funny, and before you know it, you’ve run for 30 minutes. 548 more words

Holiday Savings

Gift ideas for under $20

Obviously, $19 in cash is the ultimate gift under $20. However, if you don’t like giving small bills as gifts – and it’s weird that you don’t – here are some other ideas: 227 more words

Holiday Savings