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The big visit

It’s finally here! On Friday (very late, technically Saturday morning, more on that later…) Becky’s mum, sister and friend Amy arrived in Hangzhou to spend some time with us. 2,465 more words


Easter reflections part 2

The pathos of Holy Week inevitably leads to the absolute joy of Easter Sunday, at the least within the church services. Taken together the services are a safe way to travel through a whole gamut of emotions and have a really happy ending. 200 more words


Cameron Highlands

A topic after church during lunch with Ms. Ong,

“Are you having break in two weeks time?”

And she answered,


And so, she invited a few connect group members to join us in Cameron Highland. 671 more words

Wall-E Movie Night

WALL-E has always been one of my favorite movies and I couldn’t wait to share it with my family! Disney/Pixar was able to make an appliance the most loved thing on earth when they produced WALL-E. 556 more words


Kids Get Surprise Easter Baskets

Got Georgiana and Finly Easter baskets because they deserve them…

Bonus Features

Easter Holidays

23rd April 2019

Hiya sparklers!

For the past 2 weeks I have been on spring break and I have 2 weeks left to go! At this point in time I can’t wait to get back to my university friends and get back into dancing as boredom has creeped up on me. 896 more words


Want To Live Longer - Get Yourself Outdoors

I think I’ve cracked it, Italian folk aren’t the longest living people because of their diet, they spend longest on the planet compared to any other nationality because of their beautiful weather! 501 more words