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Carrying on tradition

My Polish friend Paulina and I have been trying to attend a Polish Mass at the only catholic church here in Helsinki. We are lucky enough that they have a mass delivered in the Polish language on the first Sunday of every month. 239 more words


Indian Independence Day

Indian Independence Day, normally observed on August 15th, is a national holiday commemorating the independence of India from Britain. You can find out more about the holiday… 34 more words


Skiing packing list essentials

When going skiing you are usually really limited on space, because your ski trousers / jacket / suit always takes up so much room. Unless you are a regular on the slopes then you’ll already have this down to a T. 351 more words

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Ephemeral.”

“To consider and appreciate now, before now evaporates and becomes then.”

2010.  Well this was almost a mistake.

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I'm ALIVE! Updates + upcoming videos and posts

Hey guys!

If you’re a student, you probably well know by now that it is “crunch” time. ( Meaning that, because standardized tests at the end of the year are approaching quickly, teachers are trying to squeeze in that last bit of the curriculum necessary to know to test… which means; LOTS of homework, tests, reviews, projects… and VERY LITTLE TIME to do it all. 80 more words


Office Politics are a pain...

in the patchouli but it comes with the terrain.

An office is like a playground. Remember primary school, everyone has their cliques and friends. The problem with an office in comparison to the playground, is that if someone literally is just awful, you can’t really say anything. 1,072 more words


in berlin

i went to berlin. me and jj had bought my mum fleetwood mac tickets for their amsterdam show, so that trip was her christmas present, and it was xmas eve and we were freaking out so we did a load of flight comparisons and berlin was the cheapest, so we told him we were taking him. 1,360 more words