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Monday Manual: New Year's Resolutions

It isn’t easy making health related New Year’s resolutions. I always think of ones I Want but are Impossible. And frankly I don’t like to make them. 30 more words

My health related presents this year

I got some fun things for Christmas. I’m a Marvel fan, big time. I got a Deadpool Tee. And I got a ‘I am Groot’ tee. 396 more words

Teachers Christmas Wish List

Check out this short video about what happens when a teacher submits their “wish list” of supplies to their principal!

Teacher Humor

Teacher's Twelve Days of Christmas

All my educator friends, sing this one to the same tune of the classic holiday song! Hope it brings you some laughs and gets you into the holiday spirit. 6 more words


Celebrating... best done carefully

I went out to a Christmas party! Bravo me! I haven’t really been leaving the house much because of all the vestibular migraine instability. But I went. 382 more words

Evolution of Teacher Christmas Gifts

My elementary teacher colleagues always get the better of the deal around this time of year…


Fall Is In The Air!

It’s finally that time of the year again! FALL… Autumn… low humidity awesomeness! In this house, the month of October itself is almost a holiday. One in which we begin preparing for in August, yeah it’s that big of a deal haha. 315 more words

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