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Isn’t this absolutely the time for humans to embrace their full potential, the time for us to step into a truly modern world. What does that world look like? 1,293 more words

A buffé of ways to die

I’m coming to terms with the fact that I’m a heart-based person. Mind and all its intricate processes, comes in second. I don’t like to read books unless I’ve been inspired by an intention or intuition. 303 more words

Self Discovery

SHORT FAST - Chipping Away at Ill Health

The incremental benefits of short fasts.

We spend so much time looking for the magic bullet treatment that we are in danger of missing the benefits of slowly slowly chipping away at ill health. 259 more words



The dignity within

Knows regency

And humility.

She hears the call

From the multitudes,

Yet plays it quiet

And keeps herself.

Yet, to remain silent… 21 more words


The state of our soul

There have been various perceptions within humanities experience in relation to the concept of the ‘soul’. There has been the belief that that a soul upon physical death becomes a part of the earth and within the genetics of the generations that remain; or that the soul enters another realm dependent upon the individuals souls worthiness, variously referenced as Nirvana, Heaven, Hell, Hades and other capitalised bifurcated nouns related to various beliefs; or that the soul was recycled/reincarnated into another animate form. 382 more words



As I propel myself through this world of dimmed light, I find illumination.

Unravelling trauma, I discover lost memories or clarify half remembered ones, re-experiencing these memories as an adult I find holistic answers that enable me to free up an anxiety or fear based response where one is no longer required. 92 more words


A Mountain of a Man - Literally! Mount Smuts

We know that Jan Smuts around the world has a Kibbutz named after him in Israel, but did you know he also a Mountain named after him?   1,616 more words

Jan Smuts