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Podcast - Finding the Natural Way of Being and Living

Kavi shares his personal insights gathered from years of illness and healing, dysfunctional living and spiritual seeking.

This is an inspirational podcast inviting listeners to find ‘The Natural Way,’ which is the Way of the Tao. 74 more words


There is no One!

In an earlier letter on my worldview, I labelled myself as a monist. Recently, I found that this needs further elaboration and maybe a correction. 1,076 more words

Worldview And Philosophy

Latest Podcast and Video

I am most pleased with this 30 minute holistic transmission about the part FAMILY plays in health, wellbeing and illness.
This is an exploration of a fundamental issue that is so neglected in most modern diagnosis or inquiry, it is actually ignored! 301 more words


The Theory of Everything and the Kingdom of God

Philosopher Ken Wilber, in his book “A Theory of Everything”, proposes a series of 8 levels of human development, which I’ll summarize here.

Self Culture… 521 more words

The Existential Void That Must Be Met

It has been a while since I posted here. But finally I think I have something worth saying. Or watching.
This video is about the pain of awakening and why it must be faced if we are to experience freedom and peace. 482 more words


Perpetuating poverty and hindering salvation

If we believe salvation is more than securing our destiny in the next life,

If we believe the gospel is for the whole person, not just his spirit, 120 more words

Mark Kelly

Recommended link: Could a new economic approach save the planet?

Monday will see a post on this blog which discusses a critique of economics, which makes re-publishing this post from 2015 seem a logical step to take. 422 more words

Civilisation Building