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as my mind refracts ~ into a thousand colours ~ the whole is revealed

©Lize Bard

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Trust The Body Intelligence

This last year I have learned a great deal about body health and healing. One of the greatest things I have learned is this valuable truth.  566 more words

Thyroid Inquiry

 I have been forced, invited, demanded, to look at this confusing and mysterious area of thyroid over recent years, and increasingly so in the last year as I began to see links and connections between certain symptoms that have been appearing. 822 more words

New PODCAST - Being Authentic in a World of Lies and Falsehood, with a Meditation

Hi! Take a look at my new podcast cover.
What do you think?

I like it and I’m pleased with the direction of these podcasts. 175 more words


Don't Just Do Something, Lie There

BODY INTELLIGENCE – Don’t Intervene Too Early

If at all possible, and you will have to experiment with this, try and let the body ‘do its thing’ without intervention. 596 more words



Something Can’t Come from Nothing

In the first twelve propositions of Ethics Spinoza establishes God and the nature of God as necessary truths which form the “ground” or foundation for his whole philosophy. 738 more words

B. Chapter 1: God's Learning

Geometric Method

So let’s outline what I am trying to do in this website. I am not attempting a philosophical or “academic” analysis, but a “pedagogical extrapolation” of what a Spinozist theory of teaching and learning might look like. 676 more words

A. Introduction