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Potential in the web of life

From my vantage point there is amazing potential here on our sweet green planet.

There is vast potential for all beings to thrive, for all to live in harmony, for a renewal of the web of life, once again finding our home the Earth and her groves, her rivers, valleys, mountains, plains, and deserts, her frozen regions, all her various creatures to be sacred and treated accordingly. 182 more words

Haiku: Making Up the Jig Saw

There’s no division
I do not see scarcity
Fear is no option

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A Statement from the Artist

My partner and I were having a conversation about the public opinion of Communism atop The Pyramid of the Sun in former Tenochtitlan. It occurred to us that values supported by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were ones the proletariat of our time could fully align with, yet Communism as understood through the lens of miseducation has disparaged the power of communism as a political weapon. 384 more words


SEP 1-35 – Knowledge How

Link: https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/knowledge-how/

Title: Knowledge How

Author: Jeremy Fantl

Date: Published on December 4th 2012

Expectation: Why this topic?

In my textbook about ‘Good Chemistry’, in a chapter about science theory and what it means to generate scientific knowledge, I provide the following exercise question: 2,327 more words

Worldview And Philosophy

Wholism, reductionism (Francois, 2004)

Proponents of #SystemsThinking often espouse holism to counter over-emphasis on reductionism. Reading some definitions from an encyclopedia positions one in the context of the other (François 2004). 2,150 more words


Everything in the cosmos is stemming from physics

What rules shaped humanity’s original social networks? Researchers in Japan developed new mathematical models to understand what conditions produced traditional community structures and conventions around the world, including taboos about incest.
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Rethinking the Healthcare system

There’s a lot of stuff going on in the haircare industry right now.

How do you feel when you go to the doctor? Or visit with another healthcare professional? 229 more words

Holistic Wellness