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Chemo may not be what you think

My hope and purpose for sharing this information is that other people will be better informed on the choices available to them in their quest for cancer treatment. 1,972 more words


Rethinking Cancer Treatment

Restoring Immunity Rather than Destroying It

As western medicine comes under ever greater domination by insurance and pharmaceutical companies, a growing health freedom movement advocates for patients’ right to choose non-corporate health care options. 638 more words

Medical Censorship

Battle update #3

It’s been a few weeks since the beginning of my dad’s holistic treatment with Doctor Mueller at Whole Family Healthcare. We don’t have much in the way of test results yet, but according to my dad the size of the tumor on his neck has significantly decreased. 451 more words

Holistic Cancer Treatment

Holistic vs. traditional treatment

There is a lot to be considered when choosing between holistic and/or traditional treatment of cancer, and some of the largest considerations are who and what to trust, and whether or not one is willing or capable of mustering the personal conviction and discipline necessary to dedicate themselves to the regiment required for a holistic approach to fighting cancer. 543 more words

Holistic Cancer Treatment