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Tibetan Medicine and devotion

Tibetan medicine is hard to come by here in Portland.  After asking around and searching for months while we dealt with my diagnosis and prognosis, gave away 14 pickup trucks full of belongings and moved to Rose Villa, I finally was given two names, and contacted one a month or so ago. 689 more words


Smoke Signals from Medical Marijuana Land

I promised smoke signals along the way with medical marijuana, so here goes.

What “the word on the street” recommends for cancer is what is called Rick Simpson Oil (or RSO) oil, the resin that I described awhile ago.   349 more words


PS on Food as Medicine

For those of you who might have read this last post on food as medicine,  I have some other recipe books to recommend that help a great deal with cancer and really any other illness or disease that you might live with. 382 more words


Food as Medicine

Early on this journey, a good friend and renowned chef Amelia Hard turned us on to a cookbook entitled The Cancer Fighting Kitchen, by Rebecca Katz.   849 more words


N of 1

What really works for people with cancer who cannot use Western medicine for whatever reasons?  And how can we know?

The Gold Standard for medical research, and the basis of what we hear from doctors, comes from controlled clinical trials with hundreds of patients, randomly sorted into groups, using placebos or other controls, to see whether there is a statistically significant aggregate answer about a proposed treatment.   594 more words


Tumeric into my veins

Friday, today,  Eric and I drove over to the Urban Wellness Clinic to see Dr. Dave, my oncologist Naturopath, for the first IV turmeric infusion, if that’s the right word. 358 more words


Tibetan Healer

A few weeks ago I had a private consultation with Dr. Tenzin Yangdon, a slight Tibetan woman in traditional dress, who spoke with a thick accent and a radiant smile.   257 more words