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What is Fascia and What Does Rolfing Therapy Have to Do With It?

Dr. Ida P. Rolf was studying new massage and therapeutic bodywork modalitiesĀ at Esalen close to 50 years ago. She was an extraordinarily astute and progressive woman whose impact on those she worked with is almost never forgotten. 572 more words

Rolfing Structural Integration

Hands on Holistic Healthcare

The doctors in white coats have come to be mostly about drugs and surgery in response to how misaligned Americans are with their own flesh. Many times, none of that is necessary. 676 more words


What love looks likeĀ 

I was seventeen the first time my mom nearly died. She had a reaction to a medication that left her in a hospital for issues for days. 1,099 more words

Life Skills

How can we achieve Holistic healthcare?

Holistic care is seen to be great, both ethically and essentially however it is troublesome to discover either any reasonable articulation of what constitutes healthcare, or any clarification of its pragmatic utility. 529 more words

Holistic Healthcare