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She never went to school

The Tabitha ministry leaders realized that many of the young ladies attending the Tabitha Centers in Kinshasa are illiterate which makes it very difficult to learn a trade. 162 more words

just like their mom







These are words that describe many young ladies who live in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo – a city of almost 12 million people. 326 more words

Elikya means hope

In 2005, the Congolese Evangelical Church, in partnership with ReachGlobal, began the Elikya Center. Elikya means hope in Lingala, the language spoken by many people in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and at the Elikya Center, … 440 more words


While in the Democratic Republic of Congo, we visited children who are in the GlobalFingerprints system, but still waiting to be sponsored. First, we met Daniel (pictured below) who is 9 years old. 188 more words

the blind can hear

Do you remember when you got your first Bible? Do you remember reading it as a new believer? The first Bible that I ever received as a new Christian, was from my youth pastor at Naperville Bible Church (now called Grace Pointe of Naperville) when I was 16 years old. 403 more words

one tool

30% of Cameroonians live on less than $2 each day. For the widows and orphans in Yaounde, we have seen that medical bills, school fees and food are some of the major needs they have. 539 more words

through the jungle

According to the United Nations, Liberia has the highest percentage of children not receiving a primary school education. But GlobalFingerprints is stepping in where others are not, and giving children the education they so desperately want and need. 303 more words