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Walton-Deitrick Marketing Presents... The Oil Apothecary.

The Oil Apothecary began in 2013.  As the Founder, Erica Cornwell’s involvement with essential oils began 8 years ago.

Having a severe sensitivity to gluten and dairy, Erica decided to use natural remedies to ease and relieve her discomfort. 248 more words

Spirit of the Drum

An orchestra travelled to the land of hope to join in the celebration of the dawn of a new nation. They polished their violins and trumpets in preparation for the fanfare. 585 more words

Daily Digital Mandala 452

“Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness.”

~James Thurber


Spiritual life

Something led me to one of my old websites, and I decided I would just post it as it was written 17 years ago…
I don’t use the word ‘Spiritual’ now; because it is so over-used; but reading this, I feel quiet, happy, serene, me. 376 more words


Rehab... Why do the basics of Rehabilitation matter in Physiotherapy?

Reading around the interactive physio world, there are many fascinating clinicians out there tweeting, blogging and interactively discussing a wide variety of physiotherapy and rehabilitation issues. 859 more words


Contrary To Popular Belief, Nuts Won't Make You Fat

Many people avoid nuts because of their high calorie and fat content. However, studies reveal that there is no evidence that nut consumption is correlated to weight gain. 258 more words


The Mother of all Oils!

“The Black Seed is a remedy for every disease except death”
The Prophet (sallahu alayhi wasallam)

This humble but immensely powerful seed has proven to kill MRSA, heals the body from toxin overload, stimulates regeneration of dying beta cells with the diabetic’s pancreas and yet too few even realise it exists.

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