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You Have A Choice

You Have a Choice….

You can learn a holistic form of self-care…..

  • based upon functional lab testing
  • customized around your unique biochemical individuality
  • utilizing proven health & vitality building natural protocols…
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The Hysterically Small Minded

If they cannot speak directly but are able to spread gossip to those who ‘also’ do not know you. If their intention is that of ill purpose for no evidential reason – walk on. 250 more words


Let's Stay Healthy ;)

Hi. If you’ve been following me on the socials then you know I’ve been trying my best to heal my gut and do paleo majority of the time. 179 more words

Southern State Of Mind

What Is I Heart Natural Remedies?

Welcome to our site! I Heart Natural Remedies was created for you to learn more natural ways to live a healthier lifestyle. Taking preventative measures by taking better care of ourselves is a way for us to prevent diseases. 105 more words

Holistic Care

"Heaven On Earth"

Greetings Loved Ones,

Today marks a wonderful day in creation. Vibrating Universally to the “Neter” (number) Seven (7), we give praises to Divine Creation for introducing us to the illuminating bridge that guides us on our true path to Righteousness. 132 more words

Holistic Health

Flaxseed, Prostate Cancer and Digestion

I don’t think that flaxseed has had as much fame as it is worth in this age. With all of its cancer fighting properties I am a little surprised that people are not trying to get their hands on this stuff! 596 more words

Rose Petal, Frankincense & Myrrh Night Cream

I love making creams. There is a kind of alchemy to it, when the oil and water emulsify and change into a creamy texture. The basic method is to prepare the oil part and the liquid part separately, before bringing them together. 301 more words

Hearth Witch