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Self Care and Productive Sunday

Yesterday was a pretty low-key day because I was sick.

I budgeted, wrote a grocery list, and wrote out meals that we can cook for this month (with food that we already have)… I will post about that is coming up. 228 more words


Unicorn Drink, remix

I am not judging you if you went to Starbucks and quickly snagged the Unicorn drink. Mad props to them for an awesome marketing idea.  That said, sugar and my child do not exactly blend well (see what I did there.. 290 more words


During the last several weeks, vivid and lucid dreams are becoming a major part of my sleep!  I am still receiving fantastic rest, and I am still sleeping 9-10 hours, but something changed.   237 more words

'I thought you said you were.....?': A thought on Labels.

Last week I committed one of the deadly conversational sins, I discussed politics. A friend described himself as Liberal however, as the conversation went on he began to express some very right-wing views. 636 more words


Sunday Smudging! 

Sunday morning now equals Sunday smudging, in the Betty household.. and I’m loving my new routine!
The Native American practice of smudging (origins), or purifying an area with the smoke of dried herbs, can help clear negative energy that is held in that place. 367 more words


The JSHealth Banana Bread

Now I am not a lover of a fresh banana. In fact, my mom used to beg me to eat bananas as a child in order for me to ingest what I called, the fruit of Satan (I was a tad dramatic). 250 more words


Quinoa Patties

Before I went vegan, I loved hamburgers. I know that is something I probably shouldn’t admit to, but it’s true. I have found that veggie burgers and quinoa patties are great alternatives to traditional burgers. 220 more words