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My little light

Create and control your own mental thoughts and not let them control you. There is no limit to the power of thought and the more positive concentrated the mind is the more power surfaces through well-defined images. 11 more words


Getting myself into the kitchen...

So I’ve really been enjoying my quest to find all kinds of things I’m passionate about over the past year and a half! Throughout this journey, I’ve really tried to incorporate activities that are not only super fun, and where I can meet new people, but also where I can learn or develop some kind of life skill. 510 more words


Wellness: I'm fit but am I really living well?

With increasing research supporting healthier food alternatives and active lifestyles, the world has been turned on its head in terms of wellness, health and fitness. In fact, I am pretty proud to say I’ve been living a pretty health conscious lifestyle. 680 more words


WEEKLY REPORT - 01.22.17

Researchers from Auburn University suggest that strong glute muscles may help reduce of throwing injuries. They found that baseball catchers activated their glutes while throwing, stabilizing their core and potentially reducing their risk of shoulder injury. 385 more words


See Something, Say Something

See Something, Say Something

Everyone loves receiving compliments. There’s something about receiving a spontaneous compliment that just has the power to make your day. It’s an instant day brightener and self-esteem booster. 971 more words


kam reikalinga fizinė kultūra

Kultūra turbūt labiau suprantama dvasinė.Fizinė sudėtingiau .Neaišku -kaip ji susijusi su sveikata.Ilgą laiką vyravo nuomonė ,kad ji reikalinga tik dėl grožio tam tikrai visuomenės daliai.Benagrinėjant studijuojant ,kiniečius ,indus ar osteopatiją priėjom išvados “Mens sana in corpore sana”Sveika dvasia ,sveikame  kūne” 164 more words


Burger (Question Mark?)

Day 21 of Whole30.  I keep forgetting I’m on Whole30 until I want a glass of wine.  Or until someone tries to put food in my mouth and I have to ninja my way out of it.   232 more words