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FitGab EP.5| Mango.

Mango has to be one of my favorite fruits. It is very sweet, and juicy. While most people might like it when it is in that state, I prefer to eat my mangoes when they are almost ripe. 212 more words


Owning Your "You"

If you couldn’t tell, I’ve been feeling pretty inspired lately… and I find that some of my best posts (in my own opinion anyway!) have been the ones where I share my struggles – which are usually common ones – and how I overcame them. 634 more words

Be Aware Of Your Food Choices |

Food Choices – Holistic healers believe that malnutrition is often responsible for many commonly occurring health problems, meaning that if the body does not get what it needs, illness will be the result.

What's Next? 

Okay, so what next? I have Hashitmoto but what is the plan? Of course the first thing I did was start to read the negative long term consequences of it (little did I know these were if it went untreated). 317 more words

Sharing is caring

While I was In line at the grocery store, a few ladies behind me noticed my DoTerra keychain. Learning that they were fellow essential oil enthusiasts, I shared a few drop of citrus orange oil.   116 more words

Essential Oils

Migrant Wellness "Get Back in Shape" work out routine!

Oh Hey….it’s me again. LacyMarie “Migrant Wellness”. I fell into the postpartum, sleep deprivation blues and thus finding time to blog went out the window! I don’t think my brain was really capable of completing a blog post after running on such little sleep for so long. 406 more words


Daily Digital Mandala 973

“An idea isn’t responsible for the people who believe in it.”

~Don Marquis