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The Top 33 Ways to Nourish Your Soul

Between work, family time and household duties, we may feel a pressure to “get it all done.” And in our rush to get it all done, we may forget about one important thing: … 381 more words

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Molluscum- Homeopathic Healing

A 3 years male child visited with mother white pearly eruptions (Molluscum) on face, chest, and hands since 5 months. He also gets recurrent Upper respiratory tract infections (URTI) whenever he is exposed to cold air and when season changes. 541 more words


Operation Samaria 2017: DALUYAN// Short Video

“DALUYAN” (Vessel) — Operation Samaria 2017 of Medical Ambassadors Philippines, Inc. was held last May 23 to June 3, 2017 at Southern Palawan. The team was composed of 3 medical doctors, 3 dentists, 3 nurses, 2 medical students and 2 from education-related professions who all served the Molbog Tribe through medical mission, health teaching, and week-long school for youth and kids. 12 more words


Psoriasis: tailor made homeopathic solution

A 28yrs, male came to us with the chief complaint of Psoriasis since last 15 yrs with acute exacerbation since last 2 weeks. He has visited several dermatologists and taken allopathic medicines and topical ointments including steroids. 496 more words


Colors of the Rainbow

“I have been living in Lebanon for five years and I have never had a day like this… I am so happy I can feel the joy in every part of me!” expressed one happy Rainbow student during a cultural field trip this August. 132 more words

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My insights on Focus/17

September is a busy time, not just for fashion but for designers as well. In the interior design world, we have Focus, 100% Design, Design Junction and London Design Fair all vying for our attention within the space of one week. 892 more words


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