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Hello world!

Welcome to my brand new blog. I have though about starting one of these for such a long time now, but just never sat down to do it. 105 more words

Here's something that pisses me off: "alternative medicine" deaths of children

You have desperate parents searching for a way to save their child from cancer. You have a moronic piece of shit “naturopath” who convinces them to give a little girl his snake oil treatment, because some vitamins, veganism, raw food and frickin’ lasers will “probably” save her and definitely help pay off the naturopath’s new hybrid Corvette. 163 more words


Essential Oil Testimonials

Check out these oil testimonials full of great information.  Learn how Young Living Essential Oils can benefit your life and your family.


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Leaky Gut - 1.... Me - Overwhelmed

I’ve been working with a Holistic Nutritionist recently, and my first visit to her was to try to figure out a way to battle Candida Overgrowth.  845 more words

FREE Holistic Tarot Reading Friday!

Holistic Tarot has become a lot more visible on the WWW lately. Sadly, for many people, the word Tarot still conjures up images of gypsies with crystal balls asking you to cross their palm with silver before quickly mumbling something about a tall, dark and handsome stranger showing up in your life. 584 more words


Daily Digital Mandala 423

“There is no comparison between that which is lost by not succeeding and that which is lost by not trying.”

~Francis Bacon