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Charlie, Olafo y el Negro Bembón

Ya no soy Charlie pero lo fui durante días, que conste, hasta que vi al imbécil de Netanyahu desfilando en París. ¿Qué tenía que hacer ese cabrón en un “solidario” y sentimental desfile galo en homenaje a sus díscolos y sensacionalistas ilustradores de Charlie Hebdo? 828 more words

Light is erverywhere

Lately, everywhere I am looking at, I see light. I made photos of every type of light and encountered it together. I asked myself ‘why should people want this kind of light in their houses?’ and therefore I wrote this blogpost. 477 more words

“Quando você vê alguém com uma bengala / Essa pessoa provavelmente em dor.”

(Em inglês, bengala e dor rimam:  “When you see someone with a…

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“When you see someone with a cane / That person’s probably in pain.”

These lines are clearly verse, and the proposition they assert is true. But they are not in the least…

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Such Nastiness Made Lovely

Only a paper maker could bear the smell and swoon over such muck as pictured above. The process begun here is known as retting in handmade paper parlance. 332 more words