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ONE: Escape to the country(ish)

Hi! For anyone who read my previous blog you’ll notice I wasn’t imaginative enough to come up with one that has a different name and I have switched over to WordPress. 949 more words


#LetsDoThisKids 6 - To Be A Mentor

This week, I did some catching up with The (always brilliant) Verb (BBC R3) and came across their ‘How do you choose a mentor?’ discussion (Dec 1, 2017, with the inimitable poet Hollie McNish, … 339 more words

I mention Rupi Kaur in an attempt at getting more followers

I refer to it less, but this ongoing Parlando Project actually causes me to spend more time with music—composing, playing, recording, and mixing it—than with the words. 928 more words


Honest, soft spoken knicker-untwisting: I should probably say something about this whole Hollie McNish debacle, because I can.

(Hollie McNish, disagreeing with me.)

I have always maintained that some of the best insights you can hear in any field often comes from the person two-weeks into their endeavours rather than a person who has been doing it twenty years. 2,250 more words


Wading in (sort of)

Over the last few days there has been much written about Rebecca Watts’ article The Cult of the Noble Amateur in the PN Review. In case this has passed you by, she considers a current subset of young female writers (e.g. 991 more words


Poetry Click Bait

Poetry, like song, is as old as human speech. Perhaps song is even older, a hark to community from pre-Homo sapiens; cadences without words but yet full of meaning. 821 more words