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The Hollowed Reaper - Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo has been a key individual within the Bleach world, able to use all different powers from being a human who can see ghosts, gaining Shinigami abilities, transforming and developing his own Hollow mask, finalising this into the Getsuga Tenshou, then to dive into a Fullbring power then getting this Shinigami abilities on top, while also developing his newly acquired Quincy abilities. 127 more words

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Bleach Manga Gets Googly Eyes

Bleach manga is usually amazingly drawn, having some of the best art work I have ever seen. However, when you add a few more things to the mix, it can totally become something so amusing that you’ll start laughing at the next few images that you’ll see. 74 more words

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February Note: Short Break

Hello All My Honeys,

I apologize that I haven’t really gotten much done this month, I had such big plans but it all turned into a nightmare of messes, disappointments and upsets for me. 230 more words

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Excerpts: ~ Phantasia's Obscure Lullaby [Shattered]


Scattered to the four corners of the wind, the depths of immortal darkness breaks across the black painted skies with uncontained anguish the instant that a soul is rent asunder by the forceful touch of tainted hands. 169 more words

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The Sinister Pride Of Perfection

Title: The Sinister Pride Of Perfection

Description: Two-Shot

Warnings: M/M Lemons, Tentacles, Alpha & Beta Dynamics, Zanpactō Materialization, Dominant! Shiro Zangetsu, Submissive! Ichigo, Violence, Rough Sex, Spoilers for the newer chapters in Bleach, Canon Divergence Setting, Angst, Two-Shot, Dark Themes and Dark Eroticism. 133 more words

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韻文: 白 斬月 [Verse: Shiro Zangetsu]

When the world betrays you, forge on ahead and laugh. Insanity is a term relative to instinct. Shatter the ties binding one to society and only then can true bliss be found within. 88 more words

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