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The Hollowed Reaper - Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo has been a key individual within the Bleach world, able to use all different powers from being a human who can see ghosts, gaining Shinigami abilities, transforming and developing his own Hollow mask, finalising this into the Getsuga Tenshou, then to dive into a Fullbring power then getting this Shinigami abilities on top, while also developing his newly acquired Quincy abilities. 127 more words

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The Rage Inside - Hollow Ichigo Kurosaki

This is how Ichigo Kurosaki’s journey all began, from the moment he talked to Zangetsu and Yhwach’s other form inside Ichigo’s soul, Ichigo connected with these powerful people to which a whole new world began. 92 more words

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We are Heroes - Naruto, Goku and Ichigo

Naruto, Goku and Ichigo, protagonists of some of the best anime’s ever made, Naruto, Dragon Ball and Bleach. All awesome and very powerful people, oh which they’ve all faced great defeats but overwhelmingly come out strong with every fight they have. 113 more words


Day 106: The Mask

“We all wear masks, Mr. Ipkiss. Metaphorically speaking.” I found this hollow mask I bought years ago. I forgot where I put it and just found it now. 41 more words


Bleach Ichigo Hollow Mask Tshirts

I made these tshirt designs based on Ichigo’s hollow mask in Bleach. Basically i used fabric paint on plain tees then decorated with diamantes. I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out as i’ve never done this before!

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Isshin fights Hollow! Masaki to Marry Ryuken - Bleach 530

Bleach 530 sees the return of Isshin in Karakura Town, Masaki has also been seen to be adopted into the Ishida family where she is said to marry Ryuken Ishida since she’s the last Kurosaki left. 821 more words


Somebody That I Used To Know - Ichigo and Hollow Ichigo

If you haven’t heard the song you should go and check it out because it fits with Ichigo and his other side, Hollow Ichigo. We’ve asked this many times, since Ichigo gained his powers for a second time, we’ve asked our self’s if Ichigo will be able to go into a full rage mode releasing his Hollow Ichigo form. 134 more words

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