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Everything begins as nothing and eventually returns there again. There is no real loss or sorrow, just the transience and self-inflected emptiness that pervades everything in life and to which we all must eventually return. 70 more words


Meaningless Fear

Pointing need not be at anything in particular…

The thing which scares people more than anything else is not the simplest or most obvious fact that is the existential self-negation of personal (or even civilisation) death so much as it is the deeper and more profound discovery that there is an irreducible absence of meaning. 230 more words


Unprovable me...

I wonder sometimes: am I the sum of my past, the simple aggregate bundle of sensations and experiences or memories and otherwise material or extended causes and effects I leave behind me (in time) like vapour trails? 119 more words


Hollow Hauntings

Black Hole, 2016 by Ian Cumberland (b. 1983)

I am the hollow woman. I swallow holes. I can see the gaps in your cabinet of selves better than you can, selecting your latest reinvention or falling back on an old. 165 more words


hollow out

hollow out your bloody guts in these poems,
wait for your words to swell up
like the eye of an unquiet mind.

haphazardly strung together like beads, 146 more words


These Truths Are Mine

An invention,
A creation,
Nothing to see.
An enigma,
An illusion,
A fantasy.
And nothing
A mystery.

The mask
Behind which I hide;
The smile… 46 more words


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A poem of identity and owning the lies

Shattered (Hollow) Series - Amanda Sinatra

ImagineĀ being a dhampir, then waking as a vampire.
Ivy just began her journey as a dhampir and now she has to face her newest task: learning the ways of a newborn vampire. 138 more words

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