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She Never Leaves

She never leaves. She drips from your lips and collects in your eyes. She dances in your shadows and caresses your hollows. She never leaves and if you let her, she can make the stars shine. ©


New Spider-Like, Tree-Climbing Crab Species Found

(Source: news.nationalgeographic.com)

A striking new species of crab has been found living in tree-holes high above the ground. The animal, which fits in the palm of a human hand, has a deep bluish black body that stands out against the tree bark that it prowls for worms and seeds to eat. 490 more words

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What I'm Reading: Miss Peregrine Books

This series is one of the best I’ve ever read. The books are addictive and engrossing. It’s been some time since I read them on my Kindle (checked them out from my local library), but the stories still haunt me – in a good way. 234 more words

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