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I tell you this,
swallow the fall air.
Crispness of the mist shrouds the sky
Exhale and breath in deeper.
I want to taste the logs on the forest floor, 43 more words


suddenly; o it was so
stark and
in the nude: a
slow and sorry truth:

i don’t care.
i don’t care.
i don’t care… 44 more words


Hollows, Part II.

An undisturbed hollow

resists my touch

water recoiling on collarbones

jagged crests resting across beating hearts

pressing into new dirt

new life arises weak, soft, green… 21 more words


Helping Sugar Gliders

Here is a great article about the difference nest boxes make for sugar gliders. As large trees with hollows disappear from the landscape so do a range of species that depend on hollows for breeding. 10 more words


An old room

We read separate words and dream the same things.

I suspect we’re not alone, wading through this forest, headlamps bobbing in the night. Abstract furrows in soft gray matter has left us both a few ticks. 169 more words

Wenatchee Fires

Firefighters battled multiple Wenatchee fires at the end of June that consumed 28 homes, three commercial structures and nearly 4,000 acres of grasslands. Damages are estimated to be in the hundreds of millions. 582 more words


Mansions for the Arboreal and Airborne - Nest Boxes and Augmenting Tree Hollows

Imagine if trees in the Sydney basin were humans and we could age group them into babies, infants, children, teenagers, young adults and so on. What would be the age demographic near you? 981 more words