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October's Featured Poet - Holly Day


Holly Day-


he walks among the dead
walks stiffly to
the bar, orders
an ordinary beer
from a menu that
specializes in drinks… 644 more words



A poem by Holly Day

I couldn’t stop thinking about all the things
trapped, I keep thinking about your goldfish, picture them

the dolphin fish I picked out for you… 188 more words


I Am All You've Got

Come to me with crinkled paper peeling
from perfect bones, white like chocolate
silver foil hanging from the tip of a toe
a freshly opened cave for a heart. 127 more words



It’s easy for you to go home without me. It’s easy
for you to take my hand and say no, like I’m
some sort of wounded bird that wants to follow you to bed, 195 more words


Dew-Damp and Sap-Scented

He smiles as if he’s made of wood, coarse flesh,
rough bark, I am unable to leave. I imagine
we’re posing for a photograph, holding hands only because… 214 more words


Why I'm Still Her(e)

When I tried to leave
you came to me and held my hand
called me your love, told me you wanted to fuck me
that was all it took… 172 more words