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I Am Sitting on the Edge of a Lake, by Holly Day

I Am Sitting on the Edge of a Lake
by Holly Day

Next to me, toes in the water, my daughter
is writing a poem. She wriggles against the itch… 176 more words


In Wait, by Holly Day

In Wait
by Holly Day

I wrap my thoughts around the egg inside me
tie my nest with hopes and dreams
will my body full of feathers… 150 more words


The Flood, by Holly Day

The Flood
by Holly Day

The coffins float to the surface
like rebellious architecture, buoyed by the floodwaters
that have shaken everything loose. We pass sandbags… 177 more words


The Morning After a Funeral We Didn’t Attend, by Holly Day

The Morning After a Funeral We Didn’t Attend
by Holly Day

I found her the next morning, feeding stacks of old birthday cards
handwritten letters into the paper shredder. 313 more words


Time Passes, by Holly Day

Time Passes
by Holly Day

There are people I once saw young on TV
that are now old on TV. I refuse to admit
that this means I’ve grown old as well… 182 more words


Five Poems

Trying to Get It Right

at my desk for hours, staring at page after page of hastily-scribbled poems,
these suitcases of loose paper, immolate my dreams… 430 more words

Holly Day

Poem by Holly Day

How He Writes those Sermons

he said he could take it or leave it, or maybe it was
some other trite cliché, laughing at me… 245 more words