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And Only Infrequently, by Holly Day

And Only Infrequently
by Holly Day

We exchange pictures through the mail because words
aren’t good enough. The passage of time is explained
through the faces of strangers, in the pictures of children… 197 more words


Floating Away, by Holly Day

Floating Away
by Holly Day

I put the tiny boat
in the water and watch it
float away. Somewhere,

will pull it out of the water, 141 more words


The Doll with the Ring Still in Her Pocket

I need you to edit my day for me
tell me what I can think about and what I should never
say aloud. Silhouettes of children… 193 more words


Pink or Blue

When she opened the folder and showed me the contents, I wished for
no more memories. You held my hand so tightly, so good, so patient, 253 more words


Holly Day

The Disruption This Morning
the seagulls huddled on the beach, pressed together
seeking warmth from each other, the cold
of the corpses unearthed by the storm… 158 more words

I Am Sitting on the Edge of a Lake, by Holly Day

I Am Sitting on the Edge of a Lake
by Holly Day

Next to me, toes in the water, my daughter
is writing a poem. She wriggles against the itch… 176 more words


In Wait, by Holly Day

In Wait
by Holly Day

I wrap my thoughts around the egg inside me
tie my nest with hopes and dreams
will my body full of feathers… 150 more words