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Two Poems by Holly Day


Evolving Towards

years from now, will we
huddle in the shadows of football stadiums and office complexes
like our ancestors did in the Coliseum and the Parthenon… 391 more words


The End

the typewriter lies dead in the corner.
all the clickety-clacketing finally silent.
the house is finally quiet. I can get
up now, now that the beast is dead I… 169 more words


The First Step

I take the piece of paper, put it
in my mouth, feel the word “love” dissolve in my saliva, in my blood
and now I understand marriage. 104 more words


Barricade and Flowers in Shades

by Holly Day


I pretend my house is an island, Louisiana before the white men came
surrounded by the emptiness of the ocean and virginal… 289 more words

Slink Chunk Press

Poem by Holly Day

The Old Green One

I will make you a music box from a porn star
fill her insides with gears and whistles, a key
that comes out of her navel for turning… 163 more words


The Impossibleness of Abstract Representation by Holly Day

where are we now? one man asked
we shone our flashlights around the cave

saw only stone, tall ceilings, dark passages
darting off in every direction. 97 more words


Missing Keystrokes, by Holly Day

Missing Keystrokes
by Holly Day

typewriter lies dead in the corner
on the floor, keyboard split, askew, like a mouthful
of angry teeth inlaid with… 124 more words