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(Yool) Also: Alban Arthan, Midwinter, Christmas, Longest Night, Hogmanay, Modranicht
Colors: green, red, white, gold, silver

The Solstice

Yule, celebrated at winter solstice, is one of the four solar Sabbats. 479 more words

Year Wheel

Yule 2017-Return of the King

Yule was celebrated Sunday, December 31, 2017. The last day to end the year and welcome 2018. The society met to honor the return of the Oak King and say goodbye to the Holly King till Midsummer. 24 more words

The snow and the dark

My spirituality is a slowly evolving thing. I grew up in a culturally-Christian but not-a-church-member No Man’s Land, and after spending a little energy as a teenager investigating whether I really wanted religion (I didn’t), gave up spirituality altogether. 344 more words

Keeping Yule Celebrations Alive

The nights were dark and starry.  Cold as the winds blew and the people of the time stayed indoors, lamps and fires lit, families gathered in the dimly lit homes of the land. 210 more words


Seasonal Mythology and Magic: Atmospheric Short Story


Snow knit together, purled and planed with frost, to make her sinuous body; vales and dells of crisply-iced leaf created her pudenda, holly berries her bright nipples. 238 more words

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