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Keeping Yule Celebrations Alive

The nights were dark and starry.  Cold as the winds blew and the people of the time stayed indoors, lamps and fires lit, families gathered in the dimly lit homes of the land. 210 more words


Seasonal Mythology and Magic: Atmospheric Short Story


Snow knit together, purled and planed with frost, to make her sinuous body; vales and dells of crisply-iced leaf created her pudenda, holly berries her bright nipples. 238 more words

Creative Writing

The affective tourists: Holly King and Rehab Nazzal

Half of the Holly King show at Art Mûr is a retrospective. She’s been doing this for 30 years. I’ll confine myself to addressing the new work, though it’s worth noting that while her work has become warmer in hue, it’s also become less romantic in tenor. 885 more words


Up from the Roots

We just emerged from the longest night of the year and the morning dawned grey, unseasonably warm, but with a true sense of winter to it and as we walked to the car, I felt myself inhaling it into my breast and I felt renewed. 568 more words

Born Of Lightning

The Holly King

A good Winter Solstice to all! On the longest night of the year, we celebrate the time of the Holly King!

At Midsummer (June 21), the Oak King, who represents the waxing of the year when all is full, green and ripe, is at the height of his power. 387 more words

Quill & Ink

Unto New Life

Blessed Yule & Winter Solstice All !
Unto newer Life,
Transformation from Death’s hallows in Fall,
Souls hewn from the aftermath of Reaper’s scythe,
Beneath the ground, of Saturn’s Impervious Hall, 66 more words


Yule and Its Lore

~Magickal Graphics~

“The Holly King, represents the Death aspect of the God at this time of year; and the Oak King, represents the opposite aspect of Rebirth (these roles are reversed at Midsummer). 95 more words

Wheel Of The Year