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Snow Beauty: Winter Mating

Snow knit together, purled and planed with frost, to make her sinuous body; vales and dells of crisply-iced leaf created her pudenda, holly berries her bright nipples. 238 more words


Holly King Signs: Heartfelt


Sincere: Genuine emotions; heartfelt…

Stolen beauty, from earlier in Autumn’s long gallery of paintings, enchants. Colours, now fading, still brighten the mind and stroke the spirit’s flanks, as leaves whisper down in a steady stream of syllables. 260 more words

Daily Prompt

Holly king

Poem: holly king

At the fall of the Nile
Two great kingdoms were in turmoil
Many pagans in distress
These two kingdoms gave them rest… 256 more words

Story Time


Good Evening, My Lovelies! I’ve been meaning to post about Litha much sooner than today but I’m currently bombarded by coursework which has been stressing me out! 649 more words


Deck The Halls! It's Almost Yule Down Under!

So here in the Southern Hemisphere we’ve not long celebrated Samhain and now we turn our thoughts toward the coming Winter Solstice. This year I’ve had the honour of being invited to celebrate at a friend’s home (so no feast cooking for me this Yule! 472 more words


The Holly King

Once upon a time, farther away from anywhere you have been, two brothers ruled the seasons. Orin, the winter brother, ruled the earth in its time of rest. 245 more words

Children's Book

The Oak King

Do not fear the dying of the light, for soon the woods will once more echo with delight.

Beneath the autumn’s leaves and winter’s snow, the first, faint glimmerings of spring begin to glow. 151 more words