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My writing group died, and that's OK

I used to have a link at the top of this page for my writing group — but now it’s gone. And so is my writing group. 654 more words


Outcast progress; project board

I passed the mid-point in Outcast. Yea!!

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am about that. Life has thrown me a number of curveballs in the past year and my mission in life has been simply to whack them out of the park. 251 more words

Create Fantasy Languages: Part Two

As the name suggests this post continues on from Part One. Originally I only intended to make one post about creating languages but as the word count grew I realised that I would have to extend it over a number of parts. 383 more words

Create Fantasy Languages: Part One

One common feature of a lot of fantasy world’s (particularly more epic/high fantasy) is that they contain at least one invented language or glossopoeia. These languages can give a world greater depth and realism, although poorly constructed languages can end up just sounding/reading like gibberish or a clone of… 536 more words

Adventures are only interesting once you’ve lived to see the end of them. Before that, they are nothing but fear, and being too cold or too hot or too wet or too hungry, and getting hurt.

-Holly Lisle, The Silver Door

Our Plots are Different

I’m sure we all think that our own genre is unlike all others…

I remember, years ago when I first took one of her courses, trying to convince Holly Lisle that I couldn’t, couldn’t, couldn’t plot quite like her other pupils because… 167 more words


Before you revise . . . reflect

I hope you have enjoyed the holiday season and are finding yourself settling into writing once more.

You may have completed the NaNoWriMo challenge in November.  842 more words

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