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Courage is..., 9/16/15

Courage is nothing more than

taking one step more than

you think you can.

~Holly Lisle

Quotes 2015

Decision Made

I’ve decided that I can’t go through the rest of the HTRYN process with this version of Witches. The distant POV and voice are just too much for me to ignore comfortably, even while revising. 143 more words


Revising Revising...

So. A full month has gone by – and then some – and I have started revising my novel.

Or at least, I have started working on my second draft. 390 more words


Misplacing Space and Time

I’m awful because the draft of this post has been in my HD for more than a year now.

But now is time to get things done. 280 more words


My Scribus review is gone? (and other updates)

I’m not sure what happened but my post on Scribus is nowhere to be found. No time for posting it again, so here we go with the truncated version. 571 more words


0115 - Free Flash Fiction Writing Course

We homeschool our children and I’ve been leading my three youngest through a novel writing book and other creative writing exercises. As of late I’ve been swamped with work, as I’ve recently lost 40% of my team to attrition (one employee retired after 42years of service!) and I’ve been traveling. 150 more words

The Writing Life

HTTS Sitrep 4: The Strongest Chains We Forge Ourselves

I have taken this lesson and done its critical exercises twice before, but in an effort to safeguard against familiarity and contempt, I took my time and made sure I paid even more attention to the details in a conscious effort to learn all it had to offer…or as much as I was capable of presently learning. 2,165 more words