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Writing Surprises

I first came across the notion of daily free-writing six or seven years ago, through Holly Lisle, and liked it well enough. 707 more words


Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

As a long-time student of Holly Lisle, I’ve long ago learned to trust her methods, whether or not they make sense to me right off the bat. 566 more words

Book Review

HTTS Sitrep 3: I Think, Therefore I Muse, Part I

     Squishy and crunchy; right and left; designer and draftsman; creator and crafter; it’s all me.
The hardest part of Lesson 3’s exercise was trying to… 683 more words


HTTP Sitrep 2: Such a Waste

It appears I am a hater and a holder of grudges even, I am ashamed to admit, against the dead.

In my second go-round of the Sweet Spot Map (SSM) exercise, the “I hate…” portion populated itself all too quickly. 2,528 more words


Two is Better than One

Good morning. I’m just working through Holly Lisle’s How to Motivate Yourself workshop a bit this morning. She always has such interesting videos, like the one I just watched about communication between the right and left brains (and what happens when that connection is severed). 114 more words

Real Life

Dearest Novel

Hopping on board the blog again, and look! It’s like riding a bicycle … just gotta get the rust out of my fingers.

Not that I’ve been neglecting my writing, but last month, thanks to a timely… 825 more words


Book Review Wednesday: Enter the Death Circus (Tales from the Longview) by Holly Lisle (5 stars)

I came to know of Holly Lisle through her writing classes. Like all writers, I’m constantly working on my craft and Holly Lisle has some great resources for that. 388 more words

Book Reviews