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Holly Lisle Rocks My Writing World

About 4 years ago, I was googling writing things and ran across a lovely lady who didn’t try to blow wind in my sail about the perils and pleasures of writing. 437 more words

Words Done but in Background

My mother (www.hollylisle.com) and I set up something that we both currently need.  We’re up early, we have an hour in a private chatroom where the only sentences are pretty much “Go” “Stop” and reports on what we accomplished and encouragement.   303 more words

Another Day, Another Blog

I’ve had many writing blogs in the past, my oldest being a Livejournal blog which was a mixture of writing and life.

This one I figure will also be that.   119 more words

Busman's holiday

After looking over the May numbers, I took a look at June. I started the month over 80,000 words for the year. Sooooo close to 100k! 203 more words


Book Review: Curse of the Black Heron by Holly Lisle

this is a review for the 1998 release of this book.

This was part of the Bard’s Tale series of books, based off the 90s video game. 197 more words

Writing Update

The truth is, there is no writing happening lately, unless it’s for school or a work email. I just don’t have the brainpower. I have been feeling COMPLETELY overwhelmed with work/school/life and everything I want to accomplish… 76 more words


IWSG: 7 Worldbuilding Tips For Fantasy Authors

My favorite fantasy books are the ones with the best worldbuilding. Give me a rich world with complex cultures, lots of terrain to explore, ecology that makes sense, and a magic system that’s more well thought out than “I used my feelings/willpower/the goodness of my heart” and I will buy your books like crack. 1,298 more words