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Challenging Batman's Central Conceit in Batman 35

by Drew Baumgartner

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

For all of the impossible technology, the men made out of shapeshifting clay, the resurrection pits, and the shark repellant, the biggest narrative conceit in any Batman story is the idea that an orphan’s single-minded decision to literally fight crime is somehow noble or laudable. 496 more words

Drew Baumgartner

The Rules of Engagement Part 2 (Batman #34)

Batman #34
Writer: Tom King
Artist: Joelle Jones
Cover Artist: Joelle Jones
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Publisher: DC Comics

The second part of the story where we find Batman and Catwoman, now engaged to be married, in the desert.

1,273 more words

Making a Writing Retreat: Part II

From Edith, starting to walk around again (after getting a new knee) north of Boston.

Here’s Part II of my poll on writing retreats, with answers to my questions from authors… 1,364 more words

Guest Posts

Catwoman: Honorary Sister of Sappho

The Greek poet Sappho, whose work often spoke of admiration, beauty and love for women, is an iconic figure in the lesbian community; the word “lesbian” itself is derived from her birthplace, the Isle of Lesbos, while the terms “sapphic” and “sapphism” have become synonymous with same-sex attraction between women. 217 more words

Where on Earth is Renee Montoya, or Where Have All the Lesbians Gone?

Although Detective Montoya originated with Batman: The Animated Series, like Harley Quinn, she proved popular enough to be introduced into the comic book medium. Montoya’s narrative describes the essence of intersectionality; She is Dominican, the child of immigrants, a woman (in law enforcement no less) and a lesbian. 133 more words

Holly Robinson Takes Down Batman

A girl that Catwoman trained was able to slash Batman’s throat. Impressive for her, pathetic for him.

From – Batman Vol. 3 #15