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Making a Writing Retreat: Part II

From Edith, starting to walk around again (after getting a new knee) north of Boston.

Here’s Part II of my poll on writing retreats, with answers to my questions from authors… 1,364 more words

Guest Posts

Catwoman: Honorary Sister of Sappho

The Greek poet Sappho, whose work often spoke of admiration, beauty and love for women, is an iconic figure in the lesbian community; the word “lesbian” itself is derived from her birthplace, the Isle of Lesbos, while the terms “sapphic” and “sapphism” have become synonymous with same-sex attraction between women. 217 more words

Where on Earth is Renee Montoya, or Where Have All the Lesbians Gone?

Although Detective Montoya originated with Batman: The Animated Series, like Harley Quinn, she proved popular enough to be introduced into the comic book medium. Montoya’s narrative describes the essence of intersectionality; She is Dominican, the child of immigrants, a woman (in law enforcement no less) and a lesbian. 133 more words

Holly Robinson Takes Down Batman

A girl that Catwoman trained was able to slash Batman’s throat. Impressive for her, pathetic for him.

From – Batman Vol. 3 #15


Why We’re Tailgating for Charity

It’s almost Superbowl Sunday and we’ve already shown our spirit in support of not just football but families too!

On 02/01, we were part of… 180 more words


Making a Writing Retreat: Part I

From Edith, in the only-partially frozen reaches north of Boston.

Many of you know I am fond of going away on writing retreats. Addicted, one might even say! 1,099 more words