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Not Right in the Head

Sometimes my anthropological background rears its ugly, demented head.

It all started with a professor, Dr. Dettwyler. She was my fave prof in the department mostly because she had a nerdy sense of humor and because she didn’t give a rat’s….tail about the misogynists in the department. 392 more words


Rock Chic

It’s Monday but fear not. I have some amazing for you. Leather top from GCC – 10 copies to be sold. And the new shoes from… 66 more words


Sometimes Even Liars Tell The Truth

Yes, sometimes even liars tell the truth, but professional liars will always mix truth into their lies. They know that this is the best way for their lies to get past our defenses. 785 more words



I’ve been researching the global exploitation of women’s reproductive labour. In the same part of the world where many resort to prostitution and are victims of sex trafficking, Romanian women are favoured producers of eggs for IVF because they are fair skinned.  691 more words

Second Life Fashion

Post #406

Sn@tch – QT Ruffled Romper (Mesh) – Riot Vendor

*All colors/sizes included.*

Sn@tch – Deschanel Bracelets & Earrings

*Wearing just the bracelets.  Scripted

to change colors of gems.* 80 more words