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I'm Starting to Worry about Maria Shriver

She’s looking more and more like Steven Tyler.   Or maybe the other way ’round.


I’m so sick and tired of these BIG networks cancelling good quality shows for FUCKING RATINGS.  AAAAHHHH SO now Nashville has been put on the  ABC chopping block FOR WHAT??!!?? 173 more words


Have You Met My Dolls?

We all have met the crazy cat ladies, but I’m here to bring back doll lady.

I know I been away but I have so much awesome newness for ya to make IT ALL up to my ladies <3 So I’m going to start with my top. 128 more words


Saturday Night Chilling

Happy Saturday my ladies! Hope you’ll have a fantastic weekend. I’m the type who rather sit at home in her pj’s and watching horror movies or listening to some music as you can see here. 180 more words


The Diva Takes A Break

I hope you ladies have a fantastic gorgeous Tuesday. Sun is shining (at least here).  SL have so many events going right now that my head is spinning and I’m having a hard catching up but I am all caught up with what… 79 more words


Walking In The Sunset

More and more goodies from Ducknipple, they are unstoppable. This little gorgeous dress can be found at this current round of The 100 Block. I just love this and feel sexy. 91 more words