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Cultural Appropriation Alert: How Come Alicia Keys Gets to Wear a Turban?

Having been made newly aware of the horrible crimes being committed by people stealing cultural treasures from other ethnic groups by reading shitty valuable authors like… 347 more words


Do I amuse you?

Dear Reader,

(watch before reading).

Here is that predictable introduction where I tell you who I am, what I do, my likes and dislikes. I won’t bore you with any of that because that’s not what this blog is for. 203 more words



“We are going on a fieldtrip. Get excited”

Happy humpday ladies! Hope you’re well. I’m back with a new post and this time a little something from a new sponsor of mine. 262 more words


I'm Walking Here

“Hey, I’m walking here buddy”

Well shit! It’s been a few days. Hope you all are okay. Myself have been fighting a small cold – AGAIN! 286 more words


Do You Like Badgirls?

“Can you handle a badgirl?”

happy Tuesday ladies! Hope you’re having a good day so far. I have something sexy for you to wear when you want to feel sexy but bad at the same time. 207 more words


There's a backroad

“There’s a backroad we can take to the club, it’s faster”

Happy weekend! You made it! It’s finally Friday. Time to hit the clubs in SecondLife and cause some trouble and while doing it why not look cute and badass at once? 208 more words


I'm Here To See The Oracle

“I want to know if the oracle can tell me what my future will hold”

I hope my ladies are doing good. I’m here with a… 126 more words