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Hollywood Boulevard Writing Trip

So I decided to get out of the house to write in a coffee shop in Hollywood Blvd. for a change of ambiance. I was able to be productive and had fun playing tourist for a day. 378 more words

Los Angeles

My Billboard on Hollywood BLVD

Hey guys so a couple of months ago you know that I landed my first billboard in Times Square in New York City. Well I am more than excited to let you all know that, that billboard has now made its way to Hollywood blvd in Los Angles! Take a look.


Afiya Bennett

Pausing the Dream

So, apparently the brain doesn’t have just TWO acute stress responses, but THREE:

  1. Fight
  2. Flight
  3. Freeze

Did you know this? Ya, me neither.

The first couple years in LA were a fluctuation between fight and flight responses with a heavy concentration on flight. 548 more words

Day 22, May 25th: You Got Hustled

Today was the day of our last big drive, from San Francisco, or, to be more precise, Oakland, to LA. We got up early, packed our stuff, and hit the road. 271 more words


The Truth About Hollywood

Once arrived at the train station I took the Metro bus to West Hollywood where my hotel was. As I looked out the bus window I couldn’t believe how rundown and ugly the city looked. 544 more words

West Coast Trip June-July 2017

6 Museums to Visit in Los Angeles

Los Angeles: Home of Hollywood, City of Stars, La La Land.

L.A. is a city I fall more in love with every time I visit. Admittedly, it helps that several dear friends provide free room and board in a rather expensive city, but every time I start packing my bags to head back home, I start dreaming of reasons to miss my flight. 1,791 more words