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Excavating Andrew Tombes

Andrew Tombes (1885-1976) was a comical character actor of stage and screen whose career lasted about 50 years.

Originally from Ashtabula, Ohio, Tombes started out as a comedian in… 365 more words

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Your Favorite Classic Comedians on Travalanche: 2020

A reader got in touch yesterday to comment on a list we shared here about five years ago which reported on the popularity of the various classic comedians on Travalanche (he was pleased to see that… 763 more words

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"Mae West: Dirty Blonde" on American Masters

Three cheers for the American Masters doc Mae West: Dirty Blonde, which we just caught on PBS.

Directed by Julia Marchesi and Sally Rosenthal, there’s not likely ever to be a more through or compete feature on the topic of this boundary-busting firecracker. 390 more words

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It's Time for Lash La Rue: The Bullwhip Crackin' Western Star

Three cracks of the whip today in celebration of B movie star Alfred “Lash” La Rue (1917-1996). We’d like to be able to say that a character with his skills had come up through circuses, … 296 more words

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Deadly Companions Before Parent Trap

DATELINE: Steve Cochran Died 55 Years Ago!

Steve Cochran with Brian Keith.

Before Walt Disney cast them as estranged parents of Hayley Mills in The Parent Trap, 303 more words

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Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes

Wild and crazy world it is for someone of my (unspecified) age, in which the names Basil Rathbone and Sherlock Holmes are no longer synonymous. Yes, many actors have played… 1,295 more words

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For D Day: Some World War 2 Films of the Vietnam Era

If you’re an avid reader of this blog you’ll have noticed a pronounced radio silence dating back to June 1. It’s not coincidental that that was also the date on which we witnessed the President threatening — and visiting — violence on peaceful protestors, subsequently profaning a Bible and a church (one that happens to be a flagship of my own denomination, by the way) with his loathsome presence. 2,183 more words

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