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Monkey Movies.

“Hey look Whiskey, we’re thinking about making another monkey movie” Jerry a producer friend of mine who knows me too well said glancing up from a copy of… 423 more words




From Craigslist:

I represent writers artist and actors. I will get you booked. $67.00 will get you an introductory package.

Pikeman sat on the bus, grateful for the air conditioning. 913 more words

Eliza Gale

Quote • ROBERT NEWTON • Unreliability

‘Another classic alcoholic was the British actor Robert Newton (1905-1956) who once got so inebriated he showed up to the wrong movie set. The happy producer put the big star in four scenes until people from the movie he was really supposed to be in came to haul him off. 66 more words


Bang (part 2)

For a moment they both froze.

“It’s the pizza. It’s okay it’s just the pizza,” Penelope said.


Billy stuffed the money into the backpack and opened the door and a thin young man entered carrying their food. 545 more words

Serial Fiction

Location, Location, Location.

We decided to scout film locations in Mexico! OK… so we got a little side-tracked! I’ve started drawing out sketches for the story boards! We definitely received plenty of inspiration in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. 28 more words


I Love Joan Jett (and Rock n’ Roll)

Wyld Barb called me, her raspy Texan accent tore up my cordless phone. I was living behind a liquor store on Wilcox and Yucca. The neighborhood used to be a real combat zone according to my alcoholic, rocker friends, back when they were all junkies. 757 more words


The Changing Face Of Angelina

After watching the press interviews for Maleficent, it made me think about all the times I interviewed Angelina Jolie and how different the press interviews are today. 410 more words