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Any witch here?

I wonna make a scrying mirror and I would be very thankful for some practical advice regarding the material – should I preferably use burnished bronze,… 19 more words



It is a funny movie about a mother who can’t let go of her son because she has apparently lost one of her sons due to her negligence. 387 more words


Evolutionary Explanation as to Why Women Tend to be More Liberal.


In some ways it’s not hard to understand why women tend to be more liberal than men. Indeed, it is also true that effeminate or metro-sexual men also tend to be more liberal. 9,938 more words

Philosemitism Is More Dangerous than Antisemitism... At Least in Today’s World.


If antisemitism is a unified theory(of science, religion, history, etc) that views Jews and/or Jewish culture as essentially sinister, philosemitism argues the very opposite. Philosemitism is a grand theory that says Jews are the fountain of much if not all that are wise and noble. 11,406 more words

Interesting video

If you follow Planet X like I do have a listen.

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Reel Feel!

The mercury levels are soaring high and stepping out in the evenings too are getting difficult. Yet merely sitting at home and sipping juice will lead to boredom and irritation. 239 more words


Remember this Memorial Day

Remember that the United States of America is no longer the land of the free, home of the brave. Rather what what we’ve become is the land of the… 20 more words