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The Jewish dog

I found this book at the library. It seemed quirky but potentially interesting. I’ve started to read it, but my feeling is it will veer into the trite and inappropriate. 69 more words

Close To The Heart

Remembering Auschwitz

As a historian of World War II with a focus on Holocaust studies, visiting Poland was a must since the atrocities of Hitler’s Final Solution predominately occurred in Poland. 3,170 more words


Prague II: These Little Broken Drawings (a Story by Jan Decena)

I stood in the middle of this calm, cold room, as if I was alone and everything was so quite despite the thunder of steps surrounding me. 1,157 more words

Creative Writing

Prosecutor files against hate-preacher ‘Father Kleomenis’ for vandalizing Holocaust Memorial in Larissa

report on keeptalkinggreece

It was high time that the prosecutor intervenes in the case of the self-proclaimed “Father Kleomenis”, a racist and social media persona, who claims to be a monk and uploads on youtube full of hate against the Jews. 472 more words



I don’t know you,

but I’ve read your diary.

I picked it up

at eleven years old–

four years younger

than you.

I don’t know you, 120 more words

Final Solution to the Jewish Question 1908

Looks like someone was planning the “Final solution of the Jewish question” long before Adolf Hitler came to power and 34 years before the Wannsee Conference and the implementation of the so called “Final Solution” was discussed. 36 more words