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Ernest Erbstein-Holocaust survivor who died a tragic death.

Now that the World Cup Football is well on its way in Russia, it is a good opportunity at one of the sport’s legends.

Ernest Erbstein, aka Ernest Egri-Erbstein was a Jewish-Hungarian football player and  He was involved in  football as a player and coach in several countries,  but he was most noted for his association with Italian football. 284 more words


The killing of Athletes

It is often said that the death of a million is a statistic but the death of one is a tragedy, and unfortunately this is true. 482 more words


On Words: Holocaust ...Debasement is Denial

No, not every evil is akin to the Holocaust. The Holocaust was in fact so unique in its barbarity that the world gave it its own name…”The Holocaust.”  584 more words

On Words

It’s common knowledge that as Hitler’s bid to rid the world of Jews escalated, so did the world’s refusal to let them in. What’s not well known is that when those borders, ports, doors, windows, and boundaries began shutting Jews out, in part by refusing to issue them visas, Shanghai, though already swollen with people and poverty, was the only place on Earth willing to accept them with or without…

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20th Century

Slavery, the Holocaust, and America Today

I have never paid attention to Juneteenth. It was someone else’s holiday. And yet this year I am acutely aware, both of the date and my apathy. 430 more words


World Refugee Day

I come from an enormous family. We can barely count first cousins, let alone more distant relations. But after I got married, I was stunned to sit down to dinner with everyone my father-in-law was related to. 594 more words

Barb's Commentary

In America Sophie Wouldn't Have a Choice!

In the movie Sophie’s Choice, a mother is given the unimaginable demand that she make a choice which of her two children will stay with her, and which will be taken away. 143 more words