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Francis' silence at Auschwitz hides a history of outspokenness

… May 2014 he visited Yad Vashem, the holocaust memorial that renders homage to the six million Jews slaughtered in the Nazi extermination camps.

July 26, 2016 at 07:22AM… 18 more words


“Work Makes You Free” – The sign written over the entrance of Aushwitz

So… What is it?

Utilitarianism is a philosophy started by Jeremy Bentham and John Stewart Mills. 702 more words

Theology And Culture

Delhiberations: Germans' fix - 'Amok' amid terror

… that stems primarily from the self-flagellation Germans believe is the cross they must bear after the horrific genocide of six million Jews by the Nazis. 21 more words

Berlin Part 1: Tours, Bubbles, and Memorials of Terror

We left Copenhagen headed for the city of Berlin. For 21 Euro per ticket, we were able to board a bus which would take us from Copenhagen to the city, an 8 hour journey. 2,236 more words

Microfiction Challenge: Lonely Boy

Peter sat in his pen, bored and lonely. He hadn’t seen his Papa in a few days.  “Don’t worry, little one,” Papa had told Peter. “Soon we’ll be safe. 270 more words

Jane Dougherty Writes

Israel's Looming Demographic Crisis


There are two reasons for this taboo: First, the loss of six million Jews in the Holocaust made pro-natal policies axiomatic in the young state of Israel. 21 more words

Forgotten Hero- Walter Süskind

Walter Süskind (29 October 1906 – 28 February 1945) was a German Jew who helped about 600 Jewish children escape the Holocaust. He was a member of the Dutch Jewish council (Dutch: Joodsche Raad) during the Second World War. 762 more words