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You know the prints that are on the cigarette packs, like this one; Sometimes, I wonder if they haven’t taken photographs from the Holocaust. You know, for the world to still remember the SHAME.


Quaestio de Centauris (Primo Levi, 1966)

by Primo Levi

My father kept him in a stall, because he didn’t know where else to keep him. He had been given to my father by a friend, a sea captain, who said that he had bought him in Salonika; however, I learned from him directly that he was born in Colophon. 4,137 more words


And we call ourselves humane...

The gory headless body dangling upside down, people hurling stones at stray dogs, whipping and pulling the tails of cows and deliberately squashing insects and reptiles are all common sights on the streets of our so called civilized society. 541 more words


I’ve been a fan of Ellie Midwood’s books for a few years now.  Her dedication to the craft of writing and her ability to research and unearth interesting forgotten tales from World War 2, and present them as entertaining, educational fiction, is first rate. 1,038 more words

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Three shots! Three lives lost! All I can hear are shots, shots.

“Three shots! Three lives lost! All I can hear are shots, shots.” This line is the final entry of Renia Spiegel’s diary. It is the final entry but it was not written by her but by her boyfriend. 352 more words


Eichmann and El Camino: The Evil of the Everyman

Today, October 14, is Hannah Arendt’s birthday. Born in 1906, Arendt was a German Jewish philosopher and political theorist who witnessed the rise of the Nazi Party before fleeing to France, and then to America. 1,685 more words

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