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The Ethical Dilemma of Turning Our Heroes Into Holograms

The rise of online streaming as the dominant form of music consumption may have brought with it more ease and efficiency for listeners, but it has also meant that those making the music are now navigating a shaky landscape where sources of major revenue are changing or, worse, unpredictable. 1,096 more words


Whitney Houston Hologram Tour Is Planned Along with New Album

Seven years after Whitney Houston’s death, the sister-in-law of the late music icon is set to reinvent the diva’s brand by planning a hologram tour and release of a new album in the near future. 375 more words

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Looking for the hologram printing?

Security printing India is a business on the rise nowadays in a world where every business and startup wants to create their own brand name in the market and give tough competition to their market rivals. 340 more words


Public Diplomacy in the Digital Age

This blog post is an excerpt from a recent special issue of the Hague Journal of Diplomacy dealing with the future of public diplomacy. For the full article click… 1,054 more words

Public Diplomacy

‘10% of our products in Asia are fakes’- Adidas

The international sports and apparels giant Adidas recently stated that 10 per cent of gear featuring its company’s world-famous logo in Asia were probably cheap copies. 101 more words


Importance of holographic wads in packaging industry

Packaging remains a mess most makers or manufacturing units can’t get over. A lot of good items will, in general, get influenced in the most unfavorable of courses because of the nonappearance of good quality acceptance fixing liners or holographic sealing liners. 439 more words