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Outside the fencing

Separated from the herd

Stray holstein wanders


At the Sale Barn...

I was at the Sale Barn the other day.  I went for lunch.  I know.  It is not especially a place one would “go” for lunch, but that is how it happens here.  502 more words

Jerseys vs Holsteins

At Appel Farms we have two types of cows, Jerseys and Holsteins, two of the most popular and well known breeds in the dairy world. While they are both amazing producers of milk, the similarities stop there. 395 more words

Farm Happenings

My Cousin is a Duck, and I Am Loved

Some days when I visit my mother she thinks I’m her brother or someone else. Most of the time she knows who I am, but not always. 862 more words


Pauline Wayne or “Miss Wayne,” as she was called, was a Holstein cow who was also First Cow. And by First Cow I mean, she was the Taft family pet. 72 more words