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Rehabbing a Cow

So we started the summer with five Holstein steer calves that I needed to bucket feed for the first month of their lives. Everything was going great, they were at my brother in law’s house on pasture getting only grass and having access to a protein bucket. 272 more words


Fingerprinting a dairy cow

I hate paperwork with a passion but a little ink drawing on one archived oversize envelope had me leaning back in my chair, smiling. And here it is. 197 more words


Autumn Calving Season

The Autumn cows have begun to calve on the farm in the last few days. 

With the mild, dry weather, it is fantastic conditions for autumn calving and it’s easy to get the freshly calved cows back out to grass immediately after calving. 401 more words

Elderly Iowa Veteran Fulfills Dream by Skydiving

HOLSTEIN, Iowa — A northwest Iowa veteran is making a longtime dream come true.

Don Schmidt of Holstein turns 80 this month and with the major milestone came a major wish. 174 more words


PRODUCE [Dairy and Beef] Dutch-Friesian / Holstein-Friesen, Netherlands


Bred by the pastoral Frisians two thousand years ago as multi-purpose piebald animals, the Friesian cow is characterised by its distinctive black and white markings. … 248 more words


Nose To The Grindstone, Head To The Stars

Soundtrack: The Roots “Sacrifice”

In his book, “Tantra: The Supreme Understanding”, Osho talks a lot about awareness. In one of my favorite parts of the book, he gives a solution for people who want to quit smoking. 1,216 more words

The case of the cold Holstein and the BMW

If you Google the short phrase ‘cow on car’ you are sure to see this image:

Is it real?  I put the question to 80 participants as part of an eye gaze experiment in which I and some colleagues used infra-red light eye tracking to see what people looked at when they saw this and other images.  792 more words

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