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THE SUNDAY SERMON:"A Washed Pig Returns To The Mud"

2 Peter 2:22(NLT)

We have been putting up with so much sexual scandalization in the news lately; First, there was Bill Cosby, and next there was… 1,065 more words


Alex Caldiero: Why I am a Mormon

This interview originally appeared on PBS.

Alex Caldiero is a poet, writer and visual and performing artist known for his avant garde poetry readings. Following his conversion to Mormonism, Caldiero moved to Utah in 1980. 1,078 more words



Matthew 6
Giving to the Poor and Prayer
1 “Beware of practicing your righteousness
before men to be noticed by them; otherwise
you have no reward with your Father who is… 972 more words

Word Of Hope

Godly Power

Life “de-powers” us. It saps our energies, depletes our courage, drains our patience. People–pressures get us down; problems stir us up; physical ills distress us; worry over people we love disturbs us.

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Simon Braker - UK moves into time of encountering the Lord and harvest...

On 12th August Simon Braker noted the following on the Facebook page of School of the Prophetic Leicester. His reference to numbers 7 and 8 is particularly interesting as I’ve mulled over them for some months.:  522 more words