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How we should read Holy Books to understand the truth of life?

If the source of all the Holy Books are from one God, we should feel the same God in all the Holy Books, right? If this is not the case, where is the gap? 617 more words


Fitrana And Importance Of Zakat In Islam

Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam and is obligatory upon every Muslim who fulfills its criteria. Fitrana is also obligatory to be made at the end of the month of Ramadan and is known as “Zakat-al Fitr”. 504 more words


Umrah; The Most Important Pilgrimage, Isn’t So?

Today every Muslim wants to perform Umrah all over the world. However, it is considered as an important pilgrimage of Islam and it is undertaking with no fixed time. 384 more words


Why don't Muslims eat pork?

Why don’t Jews or Muslims eat pork? Here are 13 reasons. (compiled by Dom Marley).


1) A pig is a real garbage gut. 499 more words

Depression and Islam:

Depression affects the way you think and respond to things. It basically negatively affects your entire routine. It is a medical issue and causes loss of interest in things which you were once fond of. 337 more words


The Illuminating Verse

Arfa Niswan Yassir, Swindon

Since the past one month this verse (or should I say part of a Quranic verse) remains somewhere at the back of my mind somehow, and every mention of light or… 805 more words


Experience Ramadan in Madinah

Approx 300 tons of blessed Zamzam water is provided each day to offer more than 15,000 cold water boxes inside the mosque

The Muslims of Madinah strive for giving their best to serve pilgrims and other visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque via offering them the greatest cuisines mainly the specialties of Madinah… 494 more words