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How do you describe the indescribable?

Holy Spirit

How can I describe

One as indescribable as You,

Lest others think me crazy?

You, an invisible intelligence.

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“And because of all this we make a sure covenant.”
Nehemiah 9:38

There are many occasions in our experience when we may very rightly, and with benefit, renew our covenant with God. 739 more words

Word Of The Day

God never leaves us (even though sometimes, we think He does).

Years ago, I had a strange and unusual experience with God; an experience that changed everything.

At the time I was an annoying, anger-filled teenager. I’d grown up in church, and believed deep down that everything I’d been taught was true, but I was still filled with irritation at the petty, pointless politics and all the arguments in church. 726 more words


Confirmation: Graduation or Initiation?

Yesterday many kids from my Parish were confirmed; they were to sealed by the Holy Spirit! Yesterday they confirmed that baptism that was given to them. 616 more words


The day I saw the queen.

I’ve been watching the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations today and thinking back to a sunny day about 10 years ago.

At the time I was working for an aid agency and while on a trip to Zambia had met this amazing lady called Margaret. 481 more words




“That through death he might destroy him that had the power of death.”
Hebrews 2:14

O child of God, death hath lost its sting, because the devil’s power over it is destroyed. 715 more words

Word Of The Day

Jesus Rent the Veil!


“Behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom.”
Matthew 27:51

No mean miracle was wrought in the rending of so strong and thick a veil; but it was not intended merely as a display of power–many lessons were herein taught us. 708 more words

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