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How Did I Get Here?

Now that there appears to be some steam under this blog, I thought it might be time to answer that age-old question: how does a man who has been out in the world for some time, even progressed through a career or two, wind up in seminary?   710 more words

Seminary Life

Day 279 Why do you test me? For Gods sake, Pray

These trees are leaning. They have been planted in a good position but perhaps the soil is too thin, or perhaps the wind and rain has just been unkind to this pair and they lean. 721 more words


doodleprayers... or are they prayerdoodles?

Last weekend, I picked up index cards and a set of art pens, planning to use them for some contemplative doodling when I need a break at work.   600 more words


My Comforter

My Comforter

Comfort is something that seems to be elusive lately.  Everywhere we turn stress and anxiety seems ready to pounce on us like a cat on a mouse.   957 more words


The Spiritual Root of American Problems

I’ve been reading “Spirit of the Disciplines” by Dallas Willard, an excellent book. In the Preface he notes the obvious signs of distress in our culture: “depression, suicide, personal emptiness, and escapism through drugs and alcohol, cultic obsession, consumerism, and sex and violence — all combined with an inability to sustain deep and enduring personal relationships.” The book was published in 1988 so we need to update it by adding mass murders. 426 more words

Without a Vision, the People Perish!

Text:    Acts 16:6-15

Do you ever have the feeling you are going around in circles and getting nowhere?   Do you ever feel that our church is doing that?     1,676 more words

Pastoral Concerns

Discovering and Declaring the Power of God

Psalm 71:17-18, has been the theme verses for this semester with Christian Challenge. It’s amazing to think how many different truths, themes, and points of application we’ve been able to draw out of these two verses so far! 3,480 more words