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Journey to the Lord's Table

Holy Week was a special time at our church this year.  My husband was asked to compile a week of services that people could attend throughout Holy week, which he managed to do, on top of getting the choir ready for our Easter musical. 681 more words


The Canticle of Jonah for Holy Saturday

The canticle, or song of Jonah is a traditional text in daily prayer for Holy Saturday as we meditate on the death of Christ before his glorious resurrection on Easter Sunday. 212 more words


The Women Are Not Pious; They Understand Grief and Loss

I went to church on Good Friday. There’s something about the day and the season, about meditation, about sorrow and joy, death and rebirth. It’s always been one of my top – if not my top – holidays. 361 more words


Jesus dies on the cross, and I will end my post on the stations here.

We Adore You, O Christ, and We Praise You. Because by Your Holy Cross, You Have Redeemed the World…

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If the tenth station of the cross are the screams when all human dignity is stripped away, the eleventh is those screams falling onto deaf ears. 35 more words


Jesus is stripped of his clothing, and here (hear) screams indignity. Here are the screams of the victims of rape, and of violence. Here are the screams of those innocent victims of war. 43 more words


For this the third fall of Christ, I think people can fill in their own reason for the fall. Not every fall a person encounters is due to an injustice, and not every fall requires a rallying cry. 73 more words