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What is Truth?

We see in our culture a complete breakdown of the moral code. Homosexuality, Abortion, Divorce, and many other ‘hot topic’ items are rampant. The Church has focused on these issues for years and it has steadily gotten worse. 257 more words


eyelash rainbows and burning bushes

Although this page is from a couple years ago, I remember what prompted the “eyelash rainbows” like it was yesterday.  It happened during a break on my morning run through the bayou.   33 more words



i’m not someone who talks ‘bad’ about others behind their back but sometimes, just sometimes, i moan about how my mum is so lazy not cooking a variety of curries or teachers setting so much homework which are due in such a short period of time and join conversations where people are b****ing about their teachers or gossiping about them e.g. 409 more words

Keep Moving Foward

Stress controls most people’s lives. They get worried where they are or where hey are going in life. They need to realize things move foward no matter what. 118 more words


Pizzelle cookie recipe

Hey y’all! So this recipe was given to me by a very dear friend, Diane DelSignore, and I asked her if I could share it with all of you :) Pizzelle cookies are a great Italian treat, typically made at Christmas and Easter, and they’re soooo delicious it’s not even real. 235 more words


What Really Matters Most?

What really matters most to you? Friends? Family? Possessions? Career? Status? Money? Travel? I tell you, none of these are anything compared to what Jesus is preparing for you. 37 more words


Holy vs. Common

The following is from a devotional I receive via email. It is in line with the post I made yesterday, so I’m sharing it with you: 502 more words

Becoming Like Christ