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Intimacy with God - Part 2

Scripture: Psalm 73

Key verses: Psalm 73:17:23

Until I came into the sanctuary of God;
Then I perceived their end.
18 Surely You set them in slippery places; 177 more words

Eternal Matters

Stand Your Ground, It's Holy!

You wonder why people take advantage of you…

Why you give so much and get so little…

Why people are always asking something of you and not offering anything in return… 38 more words


OT Promises of the Holy Spirit Fulfilled in the OT

The OT foretold and Jesus Christ reaffirmed that the Holy Spirit would be poured out on God’s people, transforming, empowering and gifting them.

The promised Spirit enables prophecy… 440 more words

Leviticus 22; Perfect Priest; Perfect Sacrifice

02/19 Leviticus22; Perfect Priest; Perfect Sacrifices ; Audio available at: http://www.ephraimbible.org/Sermons/20170219_leviticus-22.mp3

God’s Work and Our Response; YHWH Sanctifies

Leviticus 21 and 22 are a section of the holiness code in Leviticus that specifically addresses the priests. 3,174 more words


Ethics 101

Leviticus means “about the Levites.”  The Levites were God’s priests, and the Book of Leviticus contains many of the rules they needed to do their work—rules for worshiping God, making sacrifices, and handling everyday problems concerning cleanliness. 

1,590 more words

Holy, Perfect, The People of God: A Sermon for the Seventh Sunday after the Epiphany, 2017

How many of you have ever read the book of Leviticus? Did it make sense? Did it put you to sleep? It’s a difficult text because it’s primarily legal material, and I’m guessing that even the lawyers among us don’t find state or federal statutes easy or enjoyable reading. 1,482 more words


Abundant Grace

SERMON NOTES: abundant-grace-sermon-02-19-2017-notes

Hey friends, we’re in a series where we explore a 3000 year old song that was written by an adulterer and a murderer.   46 more words