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The Last Month of The Year 

We’ve entered into the LAST month of 2016 and boy what a year it’s been. December is a great month to reflect, refocus, and strategize for what’s to come. 105 more words

Woman Crush Saturday: Haley Pehrson

Hey there, bloggers!

Welcome to this month’s “Woman Crush fill-in-the-day-here.” For the month of December, I’m sharing my current girl crush with you, which is none other than Haley Pehrson, a model and actress known for her dark, sultry, and androgynous looks that could make any man or woman swoon (including me). 186 more words


Your Fear, Dread and Sanctuary

Your Fear,  Dread  and Sanctuary

The undisciplined show  that they are not happy  or at peace.     Instead,  they are always showing rebellion,  fears,  suspicions,  complaints,  and hatefulness.     468 more words


On My Skin (Lyrics)

Demons on my skin

Will they blend right in

Can you see the red marks

Of my staining sin

I cover them in leather

In cotton, wool, and sweaters… 108 more words


Marriage – Making It Work

Life IS school. We are always in school, we just don’t know it!

Our entire life lies before us as a great unwritten but very well designed curriculum, designed and presented by the greatest Teacher and Educator of all, the Almighty Himself! 813 more words


American Family Values

My entire family is composed of immigrants. All coming here to pursue a better life for themselves and future generations but all I’ve witnessed is work addicted, money hungry adults. 410 more words


The Need of The Hour

Having been involved with several churches in various capacities over the past 25 years, I have seen the same patterns everywhere I have been. The corporate culture has invaded the church, men have stepped aside from almost all areas of leadership, the Word of God has been forgotten, the Holy Spirit has been cast aside in favor of pragmatism, and Jesus gets honorable mention when He gets mentioned at all. 498 more words