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my sailing things

on the hudson river sloop clearwater, crew are awakened every morning with song.  and if you are very lucky, you’ll bear witness to an early-morning collaboration between crewmembers. 221 more words

Style it #160: Indented,SugarBabez: Just Gotta Make It

When you grow up knowing what it feels like to be without or not have, your hunger and strive is at 500%.

When you know there are people looking up to you because they believe in you, but those who constantly bring you down. 101 more words

Slay Of The Day 102

Look 1:

Hair – Homage – Behind The Wheel

Dress – Unbothered – Bondage (Nude) *NEW* Mar. 1st @WCF TY <3

Heels – … 21 more words

Kingsman: the secret service

With what is sure to be one of the greatest fight scenes of the year, Kingsman: the secret service is sure to be one of the cult masterpieces of 2015. 651 more words


An Homage to a Brother I Wish I Met (the homage series)

Beto slowly blinks, one, two, three times. An automatic attempt to make his surroundings seem a bit brighter, and a little less etched in shadow. He doesn’t quite understand how he got here, or why but this is definitely unusual territory. 281 more words


Slay Of The Day 99

Look 1:

Hair – Homage – Anala

Dress – {T.O.D} – Bondage *NEW* Mar. 1st @WCF TY <3

Heels – Shey – Bougainvillea * 29 more words

Unsuspected Surprise

She takes her time, looking at the unwrapped boxes, clumsily covered with paper, bows and cards. She takes a peek at the clutter of her house that was, when she left it, chaos free. 256 more words

Short Story