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Home Sweet Home

For many the nomadic lifestyle is a romantic notion but when push comes to shove most wouldn’t uproot for fear of being out there in the wide world all alone with no anchor. 1,472 more words

From Here To There

Learning From A Loss


by Edgar Guest

We who have wept together
know what it means to love,
we who have suffered sorrow,
strewn roses a mound above, 143 more words


Getting Ready for Christmas

Good morning, I apologise for not writing sooner, but the time has flown past since we’ve been home.

The house is nearly ready for the festive season, the tree is up and decorated, the rooms are festive including the boys bedroom with their own tree and lights (they like seeing it). 407 more words



My response to today’s prompt is a story my Mom told me about when she and her brother Allen were still school children. Grandma, a widow at that time, must have been away housekeeping for someone when Allen got a craving to eat cake. 129 more words


Christine Goodnough reblogged this on Christine's Collection and commented:

Today's Word Press Daily prompt, Missing, reminds me of this story about the missing ingredients in the cake Allen --- my birther father --- tried to bake one day. ("Mom" was actually my aunt.)

New beginnings at the end of 2016

This week I moved into a flat with my boyfriend, albeit scary, I’ve been in my creative and home loving element. Having moved out of home to go to university, I knew what I was expecting (sort of). 512 more words


Fireplace Tiles Mini Makeover

DH and I have lived in our lovely home for three and a half years now and slowly his resistance is being beaten down(!) and the lounge has started to look how I want it and it feels more as though it actually belongs to us. 360 more words


When It Rains...It Floods...

Around 4:30am, I awoke to a large clap of thunder.  This is not a normal occurrence, so I was a little shocked to realize that I wasn’t just dreaming…we were actually in the midst of a thunderstorm!   516 more words

Saudi Arabia