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Part 4: Slipping away

We were still waiting for all our documents to arrive, when on 19 September 2014 we recieved the email letting us know when our interview would be – 18 November 2014. 861 more words

Green Card

Hillman Street Benefit Studio

I visited the Hackney Service Centre again recently.  This time in a mission to register for Council housing as I am regularly being threatened with eviction. 7 more words


"The more things change, the more they stay the same"- Home Affairs by Sarah Lotz

I really enjoyed this short story for discussing the issue of corruption in bureaucracy (as I am a big fan of House of Cards), and there is no doubt in my mind that I will live to see robots replace humans in these sort of administrative positions. 255 more words


It’s fitting, in a sense, that when news of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew’s passing broke I was out to dinner with friends from Singapore. Fitting that I should, in a way, be home.  1,146 more words


"The Woman to be" Introduction

What does it take to become a godly woman? A wife, a mother and a career woman? Is it all in the books? Or do I need to look at the woman my mother is today and decide that however she grew up to be this woman, I’ll follow the do’s and don’ts of that road trip. 456 more words

It's a big world out there - Artbeat

Gary Thomas, guitarist and vocalist known for his eerie soundscapes, is performing his farewell tour of South Africa and will be bringing his indie, anti-folk sound to Grahamstown on Saturday, 14 March. 105 more words

Chelsea Haith

Home Key

Hit the Home Key and we are right at the beginning. Back at the top of the page. Right back where it all began.
Appropiately. 212 more words