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Mother's Day 2017

This sweet day this year started and ended really nicely. In the morning, we sat out in our backyard garden together for a very long time to enjoy the fresh, cool morning air, our plants and the birds. 225 more words

From Lam's Desk

The boys playing with their fighting robots...

…on a rainy Saturday afternoon. James is eating his strawberries and Jacob is chewing his bubble gum.

From Lam's Desk

Our Cucumber and Tomato Sprouts

Daddy, Jacob, and James worked on planting the seeds together. The ones in the yellow trays are cucumber sprouts, and the ones in the blue are tomato ones.

Family Fun


Listen my son, for to you I confer

Our history, our past and beseech you


For the crimson stain of our brothers

Splattered across our homeland walls… 94 more words

"A gun behind the door, logs in the fireplace, and children in the cradle..."


Alas, I am not there yet. But I long to be! And God willing, I will be, one day.

This reminds me strongly of a favorite song by Jethro Tull – “Fires at Midnight”: 25 more words

Acid test

As I fought my own losing battle with seasonal allergies on Friday it was a pleasant distraction to see Darth Cheeto and Paul “Lyin'” Ryan sound “Retreat” and skedaddle off into the swamp, their shit-stained tails tucked between their legs. 273 more words


A Tale of Birth

I find birth stories to be breathtakingly beautiful-a window into one of the life changing moments of a family. So this is one of ours. It was very different from my other births, and found it difficult to write. 3,560 more words