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Rapping Jacob and James

Jacob and James do many things together these days.

Family Fun

Pancake day and durians

No, not today. I remember making pancakes with my mom on what I presume was a Shrove Tuesday. The thick batter mix. Tossing the pancakes to turn them over and cook them on the other side when one side was brown. 492 more words



We have a good family friend. Married to someone from the same town and same clan with three kids. Three lovely, adorable, polite well-brought up, happy, smiley, delightful and morally correct kids. 219 more words


About money and its seemingly inverse correlation to family

I followed my husband overseas. I gave up my job. A hard-earned career which I truly earned and which I excelled in. Sweat, tears and no sleep. 731 more words


Why some guests never get invited back

Nowadays many of us have family, friends and semi-friends dotted around the globe. International travel is much easier and more accessible for everyone than it was when my parents were young. 713 more words


A Changing View Point

Each time I look, there is something else to see.