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Clever, Cleverer, Cleverest (A Messy Blog)

I’m constantly amazed by the creativity that’s been given to humans.

I regularly find myself asking’ “How’d they do that?” or just saying, “How clever, how wonderful, how beautiful!” 365 more words

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We'll Always Have Tinsel

As I write this, my unit is undergoing its fourth rent inspection. Every six months the place has to be clipped, edged, vacuumed and coiffed so that the estate agent can send a good report back to the landlord. 384 more words

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Pimp My Pantry- Interior Decoration for your Pantry

A while ago I overheard a conversation between two people having to sort out their mother’s pantry to help her down size to a retirement unit. 614 more words

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So, Sew Mama Sew

I’m not even going to try to bother offering a justification for this recent fabric purchase. On so many levels I needed it. But I really wasn’t prepared for how *gorgeous* it is in the flesh. 68 more words

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Everyone's a winner, babes... well *I* am ...

I won! I won! I won something!

I’m excited – can you tell?

A while back over on Beauty That Moves I was lucky enough to be a Friday giveaway winner. 21 more words

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Simple Pleasures :: Abundance of Flowers (again)

Blossom, posies, cheap daffodils! I’m a happy bunny. Such colour, texture and aroma.

“Mummy – the trees look like they’ve got icing on them”. Don’t they just! 38 more words

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