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Easy Home Baked Bread

  Forget everything you think you know about home baked bread.  I make this recipe regularly and it’s fast and delicious.    It rarely sees a second day.  
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Self Reliance

Back to my Notebook

Settling into a new home in Kent was a big adjustment for me, family and my cat Tiffany.
It took a bit of planning. I did pack my belongings properly, and move your home with relative ease. 69 more words

My Notebook

No Knead 100% Whole Wheat & Molasses Bread...

I want to jump up and down and CHEER!!!!!

We have been cleaning out our Garage all week…. Because the 24th of July is a holiday in Utah, Pioneer day. 279 more words


Post Script To Strange

I have read this morning’s post a couple of times now that I’m awake, and decided I will no longer write while sleeping.  I should write that statement on a blackboard at least 100 times, but since I don’t have one present now, I’ll just try to remember.   559 more words


This Week: Persian Saffron Chicken & Home-made Pizza Loaf

Am a big fan of long weekends… the chance for a lie in on at least one of the days, which is not a normal occurrence on any given weekend. 131 more words

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Bent Arms - Lindfield

At Christmas time, it is a tradition for some close friends of mine and I to have our own little celebrations somewhere new. On a previous pub crawl in Lindfield, we spotted a beautiful pub on the high street with yorkshire puddings of gargantuan proportions. 447 more words


Homer Simpson Bread

“How do you make Homer Simpson Bread????”

I lovingly blame my kids for that bad joke (even though I made it up). Following a recent trip to their cousin, and Christmas, we have had a month of knock knock and cracker jokes, and now its just getting very silly. 402 more words

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