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Strategy is found in every profession. In fact it is found in almost every corner of life. Like the winding S of a river gaining strength into rapids flowing faster until the ground gives way to the true strength of the river when met with gravity: a waterfall, strategy can take you to success while keeping you grounded so you can reach your full potential. 929 more words

Your Empire Awaits!

Why A Good Home Office Setup Is Essential For Work From Home Entrepreneurs

More and more people are working from home today. The urge and desire to work from home are growing by leaps and bounds as people begin to realize the importance and the need to spend more time with the family. 546 more words


Your First Quarter Review – Are You Awesome or Average?

One fourth of the year is almost over.  How are you doing in meeting your goals?  How are you doing compared to your budget?  In my last article, I talked about how business systems aren’t just for big business.   441 more words


Opportunity of a Lifetime 2017 Tour

I’m relatively new to Plexus so while I have been faithful about sharing the impact the products can have on your life, I am learning new ways to share with you how the opportunity can be a blessing also. 226 more words


My Story

I want to share a little bit about what brought me to who I am today.  My Story so to speak.

I was born in Alabama in 1978 and we moved to Tulsa, OK when I was 8 months old.   1,552 more words

A Call to All Young Entrepreneurs: Leverage for Your Small Home Based Business

Being a young entrepreneur, your small business is only as good for all those people who know about it. And for those who don’t know, well they simply don’t care. 744 more words


10 Ways to Reduce Allergens in Your Home

Spring can wreak havoc for allergy sufferers. Below are five easy things you can do to eliminate dust, mold and pollen in your home.

  1. Keep windows closed when pollen counts are at their highest and use air conditioning.
  2. 285 more words
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