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Backtesting continued...

Backtesting is no joke. I am realizing how much I do not know about trading the market. I thought I was prepared to go into the market soon (2 weeks ago to be exact) and backtesting has taught me that I need more time learning to read the chart and put together a profitable strategy. 210 more words


Day Three "The Facts!"

Hello everyone! Well it’s day three and you are still with me, so I guess you are serious about finding out what the better way is!   1,087 more words

Home Based Business

Got €150? Build a gold reserve now!

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A lot can be said about how gold can be a strategic chunk of anyone’s investment portfolio. With Global InterGold’s Goldset Standard Program… 572 more words


Home-Based Business

Today’s blog is about running a home-based business. Working from home and being your own boss can be a great for many people. However, sometimes it can be challenging since most of  may not get out of the house much and interact with coworkers like a 9-to-5 job. 191 more words

Home Based Business


Backtesting…it is ROUGH. I can see why traders leave the market. If it wasn’t extreme boredom from watching and learning from charts then it is from BACKTESTING. 178 more words

Forex Trading

Do not be like a slave to your job.

You know, I used to really
HATE Sundays…
Because all day long I was
dreading having to go back
to work to be a wage-slave… 248 more words

Affiliate Marketing.

Chemicals in our Products

Check out this story from CBS.


Johnson and Johnson has faded out their formaldehyde causing chemicals in their baby line (only a couple of years ago), but it is still in the adult products, soon to be faded out. 168 more words