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"Made For This: The Catholic Mother's Guide to Birth" {Book Review}


I’ve read more books on birth than any other topic other than Catholicism, probably having gone through at least twenty volumes on it so far, not including countless of birth stories I’ve read online. 1,324 more words

Missionaries Live on the Edge...

And so does everyone else.

Or they don’t.

A missionary can live just as cloistered an insular a life as a Christian in his homeland. 157 more words


If there’s anything quite as appealing as reading a birth story, from the minute you find out you’re pregnant, than I don’t know it. In all three pregnancies I’ve spent hours scouring the internet for them, with the Googled phrase changing slightly with each pregnancy, going from bog standard ‘first birth’ to a tentative ‘home birth story’ to a tired ‘is it true third births are unpredictable’. 968 more words

Mountainous Birth

Driving back home the hour from the grocery store and a quick visit to my midwife’s home, I noticed a few minor contractions about twenty minutes apart. 1,604 more words



The team were delighted to flock to this family and support them as they added another chick to their nest #HomeBirthJustHappened

Home Birth

Home is where the heart is

#HomeBirthJustHappened home is where the heart is, bring a new life into a beautiful family, just where they belong @RSCH_Maternity @RoyalSurrey

Home Birth

Hiring Your Birth Team - Part 2: Labor Doula | Greenville Labor Doula

A Doulas presence at birth has proven to have a positive impact on labor and delivery in many ways. I can go on for days about the benefits of a Doula however you can find that under a simple search in Google. 360 more words