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Bay area senior care 408-854-1883

Caring and compassionate caregivers from Motherhealth senior care since 2004.

Motherhealth caregivers bring sunshine to the faces of seniors in the bay area.  Our trick is gourmet cooked meals, massage and companionship with care. 117 more words


Mess & Match

Is your wardrobe outgrowing your closet? Then catwalk into the piles of clothes and turn your mess into an interior match. Hide your single socks and burry the laundry mountains in fancy fabric baskets – or go OCD and color coordinate your shirts. 36 more words

Home Bound

Construction Chef

Hungry for new DIY projects? Go for the kitchen and spice it up with new elements such as metro tiles or steel fronts. It’s a mouthful, but worth it. 24 more words

Home Bound

Pretty, Painful Project 

Is the cactus trend growing on you? My love for the beautiful creatures has hurt me so many times now. But I am not ready to give up on them – it’s my painful pleasure to collect a whole harem. 27 more words

Home Bound

Home Again

It seems to me that more and more people prefer to be home. Better home entertainment systems means more people watch movies and sporting events in the comfort of their own home. 69 more words

The Fellowship of the Saints

Defining Fellowship:

‘Koinonia’ (Greek term in Acts 2:42, et al.), translated as:

  • fellowship, relationship, association, community, communion, joint participation.
  • The beneficial outcome of relational interaction with others.
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Next Journey ✔

So we are excited to announce we are moving!

I am very excited for this new journey and new chapter in our lives! We have so many new adventures that await! 225 more words