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Less opportunities, but more alone time - single introverted parents

Part of being a single parent for me means that weeknights from 6pm on-wards I am home-bound.

Without a support base and readily available babysitters the world kind of shrinks for a single parent.  283 more words

Single Parent

A Full Day of Rest...

Do you ever fee so drained after a family event or get together that you’re physically and emotionally drained? Then couple that with all the fear, anxiety and dread that lead up to the event…especially if you’re the one putting it together!!! 587 more words


The Struggles of an Adventure

It was the best of times
It was the worst of times.

Charles Dickens might have written these lines in a different context than what I envision them to be right now.

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Fight for me. 

So yesterday my mama went to our family doctor. She is sort of my central hub. She has all of my records from the millions of different doctors I’ve seen. 375 more words

Moving home

I have been keeping things on the down low but have decided to just make it official; I have moved home to Canada. After two and a half years in Korea I have decided that my time there was through. 78 more words


Home bound

University is over until September. My life is scattered in and between boxes covered in Megan’s leaked Sambuca (rest in peace Sammy). I’m stretched out on my little childhood bed wrapped up tightly reflecting on being home. 485 more words


Fair-weather friend - Senryu + Couplet

Fair-weather friend

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Cute, scruffy, wags tail

Bright-eyed, loyal- man’s best friend

Till its time for home.
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Scratch ears, feed him scraps, 104 more words