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The Undertaking: Crispy Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

Fun to eat, crispy, chocolately, melt-in-your-mouth-peanut-buttery, a divine treat! WARNING: You will get your fingers dirty. And sticky. The kitchen will be messy. And at one point, or several, you will be at a loss…but don’t give up! 374 more words


Juicy Home Cook Roast Pork to Prefection

I was introduced to roasting pork by a good friend and neighbour. Initially, I would follow the exact process in preparing and roasting the pork but it sometimes doesn’t turn out to be the way it should. 614 more words

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Chobani Cherry Pie Yogurt Bars {The Prestige}

{The Prestige}

Now that the Academy Awards (or Christmas, whatever you prefer to call it) has finally ended, I want to share with you some of my favorite films and recipes. 895 more words

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Dish 22: Japanese cuisine-Sushi


Sushi, of course, is the symbol of Japanese Cuisine and I feel so exciting to make it by myself. Apart from the required ingredient, you also need a sushi mat (makisu) to help you roll the sushi. 198 more words

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Dish 21: Japanese cuisine- Classic miso soup

This miso soup is based on the previous Dashi soup and it is a very popular soup and can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner, even for Japanese not feel well. 98 more words

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Dish 20: Japanese Cuisine- Dashi soup

The very first Japanese cookery is a basic soup-Dashi soup. It’s a basic stock in many Japanese cuisine. It is very easy to make it: 1. 78 more words

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By Popular Demand: The Homecook's Essential Spice List

So by now, you’ve most likely reviewed a good portion of my recipes. And you’ve probably have gone to the grocery store a couple times gathering ingredients – mainly spices! 142 more words

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