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Making Cantonese Fish Fillet with Cream Corn Sauce

This time I thought I would stick to my roots and introduce a Cantonese home dish – Fish Fillets with Cream Corn sauce.

This dish has been one of our favourite home dishes in the family. 365 more words


Making Mushroom Stroganoff

It’s hard sometimes coming home after a long day of work and still have to make dinner. So many times ordering take-outs or instant meals become the solution but that’s not a healthy resolution at all. 243 more words


where are they now: dolmade soup

some time last year i made a post about one of my favorite family food traditions of stuffed grape leaves. the post was aptly titled: … 589 more words

Home Cook

Chocolate and Ginger Cake

We have a lot of eggs at the moment so I am always thinking of ways to use them up. I have been making a lot of icecream, but that still leaves the whites. 254 more words


Making Cinnamon Sugar French Toast

If you ask me pancakes or french toasts, I’d go for pancakes. But this French Toast recipe caught my eye and convinced me to swap this for breakfast on our usual pancake Sundays. 298 more words


SE Asian Dumplings

Last weekend I made dumplings using the wonton wrappers I got from China Town in London.

We tried them three ways: steamed, fried and then steamed, just fried. 93 more words


Ho Fun noodles with leeks and mushrooms

Last weekend I harvested the rest of our leeks as they were about to go to flower (I left a few to flower as I thought it would be nice for me and the bees). 166 more words