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Because pancakes.


You know when you wake up in the morning on a Saturday (aka tasty breakfast day) and the first thing your brain says is pancakes? Yep. 519 more words


How to Make my Mum’s Cheesey Toasts

You might have noticed that all of my recipes on the blog lately are my mum’s. That’s because my parents have a better kitchen to take photos for recipe blog posts AND my mum has a lot more delicious recipes (mostly with a Sri Lankan twist) up her sleeve than me. 206 more words


Roast Tomato Passata (and Moussaka)

When we have tomatoes I make roast tomato passata and then freeze it. It is so easy, it is almost criminal.

Halve tomatoes and put in a roasting tin. 266 more words


Organic Udon Noodle Soup

My sister fall sick after returning from her business trip. She dine-out daily, some food might be unhealthy and her body just can’t accept. As a result, she had fever, flu and cough, symptoms of body worked hard to release toxins. 307 more words


Duck Fat Fried Baby Potatoes

Where this recipe came from I really have no idea.  Like many Sunday afternoons after Mass I am walking through Whole Foods doing my grocery shopping; and on one particular Sunday I happened to see a jar of duck fat.   462 more words


Crostata di Fichi (Fig tart)

I have spent the past month or so greedily eating a lot of figs. My lovely neighbours have a beautiful fig tree and they generously deliver little bags of fresh figs to me on a regular basis (thank you Ivan and Pat). 584 more words