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Glazed Pork Steaks 

I saw this originally on Buzzfeed tasty and it looke insanely amazing!!

I had been really busy all day yesterday. Cleaning and tidying as our new bed was being delivered, so this was perfect to cook for a Saturday night after a busy day ☺ 144 more words

For the Joy of Cooking

I’m sure most people who are reading this blog have heard of The Joy of Cooking cook book. It is, outside of various well-known chefs, probably one of the quintessential cookbooks for anyone’s kitchen. 439 more words

Mess Hall

Turkey Meatball Soup

Since fall in right around the corner, and we all want something warm to eat, why not try a soup that is not only delicious but is great for your waistline. 329 more words

Vegetable Fritters

So Ive seen these quite alot on Pinterest and other food recipe sites and thought I would have ago at making them to go with tonight’s dinner ☺ 212 more words

Bacon & Shrimp Spaghetti Carbonara

“My take on a classic Italian favourite! Silky, luxurious, and creamy, it’s an interesting culmination of textures and subtle flavours. It just requires a handful of ingredients, little time, and easy kitchen techniques!” 297 more words


Cooking with Charlie

I was thinking back on how my 12 year old’s love affair with cooking started….It all came from a book he read.  I know a 12 year old who loves reading and cooking, yes, I am super lucky!!  84 more words


You know those people who don’t like rare meat?

The ones who order a rib fillet “well done”?


Convert those weirdos.

Here’s how.

It’s my BEEF SASHIMI. 202 more words