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Springtime Pork Chops & Mashed Turnips

Making the transition to a paleo-based diet is proving to be an uphill battle at best. Despite my wholehearted attempts to meticulously plan our weeknight dinners, somehow a spoonful of hot fudge or a soft, warm slice of pita makes its way into my mouth unexpectedly. 286 more words


Sumac & Lemon Chicken Wings

As you may have noticed, I like my food nice a charred, in this recipe the wings aren’t as burnt as they look, the honey caramelises and turns the skin black. 141 more words

chicken noodle soup for the flu-ridden soul

Nick comes home from work every night smelling like a barbecue. Each night at around 1 am, I’m awoken by the scent of woodfires and charcoal, mesquite and brown sugar. 995 more words

Spanish Chicken & Chorizo Bake

This is a super easy, super tasty, none-fussy meal which I make quite often. Using chorizo I bought in Madrid made a big difference to the dish so I think I will buy more premium brands of chorizo in the future. 230 more words

Sabudana Khichidi

I have always had two best friends. The Three Amigos, the trifecta, KFC (the initials stood for our rarely-used nicknames in middle school): they are two of the people I love most in the world and incidentally my two top likers on all of my Instagram posts. 408 more words


Saturday White Bread - Take 1

For my first attempt I used the first recipe in the Flour Salt Water Yeast cookbook – it is simply called the Saturday white bread. This doesn’t mean you can’t make it on any other day, but it’s definitely one to make on a day off from work. 304 more words


Honeyhole Cornbread

I played field hockey in high school. I would get home around 6 PM after a tough practice and a full day of school and almost without fail I would be absolutely insatiable. 299 more words