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Why cooking my dog's food was best for his health

As a choosy eater, I often find myself reading food labels very carefully. I tend to shy away from products that are overly processed, contain unfamiliar toxic ingredients, or even familiar preservatives or additives. 473 more words

Dog Food

Dog food? No longer what it used to be...

We have come a long way from feeding our dogs bread scraps and milk…. to feeding them packaged dog food…..
And now,  all the dogs needed was someone as whacked out as me,  a Food and Beverage professional,  who has worked for brands like the Hyatt ,  Marriott and Kingfisher airlines to begin making Gourmet Dog food…. 109 more words


The Trouble With High Needs Dogs: Part 2

Home cooking dog food has been quite the adventure. We read several books, researched online and eventually worked with a holistic vet to come up with a proper diet for our dogs. 278 more words


NaBloPoMo Day 11: Home Cooked Dog Food Part 2 (aka Dragon Phoenix Restaurant)

“Tell us about your favourite pet.”

Ah, my boys. The one on the left is Hóng Lóng, Red Dragon. The one on the right is Hēi Fèng, Black Phoenix. 570 more words


Woof Wednesday: Food, Glorious Food & Worry-icity!

You are what you eat applies to pets just as much as it does to people. After the pet food recall (you remember, the one that killed a bunch of pets and turned the pet food companies into damage control demons?), a lot of dog and cat folks morphed into DIY feeders. 682 more words

Amy Shojai

Diamond Pet Food Recall

One of the most enjoyable ways that we have to interact with our pets is in feeding them and watching them enjoy their meals.  That’s also the reason why finding out that what we might be feeding them could be harmful is so upsetting. 460 more words

Jennifer Forsyth

What do you feed your dog?

Silence Dogood here. The question of what people feed their pets has fascinated me since I first read The New Natural Cat, with its recipe for “building a mouse” for optimal feline nutrition. 1,010 more words