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Going Against the Grain…It’s been a scary journey

Opinions vary on what’s best for dogs—kibble, canned, cooked, or raw?  Most vets I’ve encountered advocate in favor of packaged foods like kibble and canned. The main argument being that those foods are “balanced.” The main reason I bring this up is because I chose to feed my dogs a cooked diet believing I could cook healthier foods than I could buy in packages. 353 more words


Soaking Grains to Assist Digestion

Soaking and sprouting seeds and grains before consuming them is good for people and dogs. When you soak the rice, barley, quinoa, beans, or flax seeds you feed your dog a transformation takes place. 97 more words


Why cooking my dog's food was best for his health

As a choosy eater, I often find myself reading food labels very carefully. I tend to shy away from products that are overly processed, contain unfamiliar toxic ingredients, or even familiar preservatives or additives. 473 more words

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