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To go out or to stay in?

I go out to eat a lot, people would think I don’t know how to cook. They couldn’t be any more wrong! I can cook and I get it from my momma! 535 more words

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Lobster and Pasta

Lobster and Pasta

Lobster tails, spaghetti, garlic powder, olive oil

Since it was my first time making lobster, I prepared these using a simple salt-water boil. 134 more words


Tuna, Pasta and Pesto. Simple.

A tin of tuna, jar of pesto and some dried pasta is a meal that has fed many a student, unemployed person or someone on a budget for a good long while, myself included. 803 more words


Chickpeas in Star Anise and Date Masala (Vegan/Non Vegan Options)

Now that my daughter has turned vegan, and I specifically use that phrase ‘turned vegan’ because it makes me smile to think of her turning vegan after being bit by another vegan (let that sink in for a moment), she and I are constantly on the lookout for delicious dinners that can easily be modified to be vegan or to which meat protein can be added. 588 more words

Home Cooking


By Mansour Chow

Allow me, if I may, to review a concoction of my own creation. Please allow me this self indulgence; it’s important for my self-worth. 720 more words


Presentation is everything!

Presenting your food the right way

is profitable for pro’s and enjoyable for home cooks


Doesn’t presentation make your mouth water. Every time I watch a cooking show on TV, I have that Oooh AAah. 695 more words


Turkey Burgers + Walnut Pesto = Detox

As I mentioned in earlier blogs, I changed my eating habits 2 years ago, but actually I didn’t.

Yes, I abandoned my beloved Brandy-and-Coke, cut down on potatoes and bread and chips became a rare treat. 716 more words