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Evening Dinners- Of course I still cook, food is life!

So a friend says,” I haven’t seen any food photos in awhile. Do you still cook?” I cook almost daily. Ethic, Americana, you name it. I love food and food is life. 74 more words


The Mother Of All Refugee Shelters?

Tempelhof airport, the iconic structure that once oversaw the Berlin air lift in the 1950s, may be re-invented as a refugee shelter. The overstretched city administration did not deny it was considering the option. 69 more words


A Lesson in Thai: L'Ateliers des Chefs

It was my birthday a few weeks ago and Rhoda organised a visit for both of us to L’Ateliers des Chefs near London’s Oxford Street.  This was a surprise visit so I literally didn’t know where I was going or what I was doing until I got to the front door. 479 more words

Home Cooking

The FSA wades in on rare burgers at last

With the increase in popularity of ‘posh’ burger joints such as Byron Burger and GBK offering customers ‘rare’ or ‘pink’ burgers, it seems like actually ordering a well-cooked burger is becoming slightly unfashionable. 388 more words

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Fluffy American Style Pancakes

The days of a flat pancake with lemon and sugar have long gone, I know I love these American style pancakes.

These can be served with a variety of toppings, a good maple syrup & butter sauce is great. 159 more words

Hang-Ga-Burner Gravy (Over Bashed Boos)

An on-the-road weekend brings lovely food, indulgent food—like a big farmer’s breakfast at the family restaurant,  with never ending mugs of coffee and long, lazy conversation with dearly-missed loved ones.  1,920 more words

Coming Home

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Sometimes the idea of going out and having someone else make my dinner for me is overwhelmed by my desire to stay in yoga pants… 305 more words