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Tips to decor and glam up white walls

తెల్లటి గోడలకు చక్కటి కళ ఇలా!

గోడలన్నీ పూర్తిగా తెలుపు రంగులోనే ఉంటే ఇల్లు అంత అందంగా కనిపించకపోవచ్చు. అందుకే కొన్ని రకాల అలంకరణ వస్తువులు ఉపయోగించడం ద్వారా ఇంటికే కొత్త కళ తీసుకురావచ్చు..continue

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Room color and how it affects your mood

ఇంటినే కాదు.. మనసునూ ప్రభావితం చేస్తాయి..!

ఇంటిని కంటికి ఇంపుగా కనిపించేలా తీర్చిదిద్దుకోవాలని ప్రతి ఇల్లాలూ ఆశపడుతుంది. అందుకోసం గది అలంకరణకు ఉపయోగించే వస్తువుల దగ్గర్నుంచి గోడకు వేసిన…continue

Vasundhara Kutumbam

Top 12 Garden Hacks and Tips

A garden is a place where we mostly sit, relax & drink our morning coffee and what one mostly wants is flowers, greenery & a swimming pool. 188 more words

Balcony Designing

Bachelor pad essentials

A house of bachelor or bachelorettes has a décor taste of its own free from the compromises and forced adjustability that comes with marital life. As independent adults this phase of life is when we finally get to choose the wall colour and hang the posters we like albeit making sure it doesn’t damage the walls; at the end the rental tenure, there is still a landlord you are answerable to. 271 more words


New stories for my old stuff!

a broken planter in re-use

keys marked for easy pick

If you’re a homemaker, you will have made use of an old thing instead of throwing it away. 299 more words

House Projects

Rugs : Add Layers Of New Looks To Your Rooms As Often As You Please

The Rug : A Versatile Home Decor Accessory

The right rug is a home décor accessory like no other. It can make a room look cozy and intimate or give it a dramatic lift. 1,244 more words


Get Organizing: 5 Chest Of Drawers We Absolutely Love

Let’s be honest, no matter how many times you sort your stuff out and organize it properly, you somehow run out of space every time. In the end, you’re left with things overflowing from your cupboard and taking over just about any surface available in the room. 583 more words

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